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The Batman ( or whatever it would be called ) can easily be the most successful DC Film , if done right. Thanks to the incredible fandom the character shares in the comic book community. However , there are pretty big shoes to fill in after Christopher Nolan’s incredibly acclaimed and popular The Dark Knight Trilogy. As we all know , Matt Reeves , the mind behind the Dawn of the Planet of Apes , War for the Planet of Apes , Cloverfield and several others had jumped on to the project as the director last year. 

There has been very less development news regarding the project but we know Reeves is working on the script after Affleck left the direction and the script to him. We still don’t know whether Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke will appear in the movie but we do got a rumor teasing Penguin in the movie. With confusion and anticipation on a maximum , let us go through characters who should star in the movie to further explore the Bat universe in the DC Films franchise.While the prospects of a sequel are very negligible at this point , the characters appearing in the movie can make it a lot bigger. 

Justice League sure did leave a bad taste for many Batman fans but a good Batman film should be enough to revive the character in the universe.Leaving the obvious characters of Batman and Alfred , lets see what other characters should feature in the flick : 






If we have learnt something over the couple of months even after the disappointment of Joss Whedon leaving the project is that the executives at Warner Bros seems hell-bent in making a Batgirl movie. Barbara Gordon is an essential element of the Bat lore bringing in a lot of innocence , young super-heroism , a strong sense of feminism after Wonder Woman and bravery. While she might or might not be woven in the story-line , a cameo can surely not hurt.

That will further concrete up her presence in the universe and give better grounding if and when she gets a major role down the line. Much like Wonder Woman , a part of the hype for her standalone came from her astounding presence in Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice.





While McKay has been busy in other projects delaying the Nightwing standalone that we were promised , Matt Reeves can cook up a story featuring a promising presence of Dick Grayson in the movie. The oldest and most faithful of the Robins (arguably) , Dick has had a major effect in the Batman lore over the years. And not to forget , to see them fight together surely will make many fan dreams come true. Plus there is always the possibility to cook up a Barbara-Dick chemistry.

The most interesting attribute of the character is that though he went out of the Robin game angry about Batman , he never really stopped caring about him. And when time came , he became the Batman for some days during Bruce’s absence. If Ben Affleck is trying to find a glorious way out , developing Grayson before he does should be the ideal thing to do. Please save Batman Beyond for later , WB. 





Irrespective of whether you liked this tattooed gangster incarnation of Joker in Suicide Squad or not , we can all agree that he is one of the most underused character in DC Films. Regarded as one of the best and complex relationships in the Batman lore , Batman and Joker has a relationship that goes way deeper than most of the general movie goers can think of. Heath Ledger did a performance of a lifetime back in The Dark Knight and unfortunately it cost him his life.

But there is a hell lot of unexplored edges of the clown prince of crime which can be molded into interesting cinematic elements further down the road. But for now , it doesn’t seem Matt Reeves is interesting to put him in his Batman standalone. With a Joker standalone in the works outside the DC Films , the possibility of Jared Leto’s Joker appearing in any of the future films just keeps on fading. A cameo if not a major role should keeps the hopes burning , but would Leto be willing for another cameo ? 

4. Commissioner J. Gordon


Superhero Abode


Commissioner Gordon’s relationship with Batman couldn’t be explored much in Justice League but the Batman movie must incorporate Batman’s friend in fighting crimes. When J K Simmons was first introduced as Jim , I couldn’t be much happier. But I couldn’t be much disappointed if the character goes under-utilized in the future DC Films. The Batman movie based on when it is set , should give us a more insight about what the character means to Batman.

Gary Oldman did a fabulous job in The Dark Knight Trilogy but Simmons has every chance to outperform that. This is due to the luxury of the entire DC Comics lore the movie can shuffle through which Christopher Nolan’s realistic inspiration couldn’t. J K should have a major presence in the Batman irrespective of what the story-line will be.


5.Tommy Elliot



Tommy Elliot is a childhood friend of Bruce and one of his few sensitive connections to a time when things were all right.He is one of the characters which has never been involved in a Batman film. Though if he has to be involved in the story , he has to be a more fleshed out presence in order to be of some importance. One of the most complex and dramatic story-lines in the lore of the Dark Knight , the character can easily can make up for a compelling story-telling which is personal in its own regard. 

While if Reeves goes to even justify the panel , he would need a set of characters that will already make the movie the biggest and most ambitious DC story ever told in the big screen. That while might be unlikely , a tease for it to be happening in the future shouldn’t hurt.But how about he is introduced just as Tommy Elliot in an Arkham ward ? 


6.Talia al Ghul



Instead of adding Ra’s or Damian in the list , I found adding and teasing Talia to be more appropriate. Even if the story-line is something different , her introduction automatically proves that all of it exists in the universe. The League of Shadows , Batman’s relation with Talia and their son Damian all becomes true. Most of the biggest incidents in Batman surrounds around Ra’s and Talia , The Dark Knight Trilogy and the Arkham games implying that time and again.

The story can be about anything but a little cameo can change everything for the fans and open up doors to new possibilities. What’s most interesting is that this Batman is 20 years deep in his career , so one can introduce anyone provided the general audience can grasp what it’s all about. What’s wrong with being as brief as just someone calling Bruce by “Beloved” ?


7. Catwoman



Though this Batman is old , it is tough to imagine a Batman world without Selina Kyle. WB understands her importance at least in cinematic worlds and has repeatedly introduced her – once even to make her a standalone movie. While it is one of the most disastrous incarnations in comic book history , one can not ignore the magnificent performances by Lee Meriwether , Michelle Pfeiffer and Anna Hatheway , each diverse from one another.

Selina Kyle shares a complex yet interesting relationship with Batman which can more than suffice the romantic element block-buster superhero films aspire to keep in themselves. Christopher Nolan had introduced both Talia and Selena in his own way in a movie and made it work. What does that prove ? It is plausible.


8.Harvey Bullock



While it’s unknown how much the movie will take a dip into the doings of GCPD , Batman TAS fan will always prefer a lazy fat wanker beside Gordon when he waits for Batman by the Bat signal. Just joking ! The character has much greater role in the comics , sometimes even replacing Gordon when he is unavailable. Bullock should be a perfect representation into the good people working inside a corrupted GCPD.

While it is up to Reeves and the creative team how they chose to introduce the character but it is to be noted the character has a variety of incarnations – from a loyal friend to corrupted blunt cop to a downright douche bag. Anyone watches Gotham here ?  


9.Poison Ivy



Considering Ivy is been planned for the Birds of Prey movie in the DC Slate , the movie should see the botanical antagonist around since quite some time. Ivy generally is not a ferocious lady and can be used as a source of information or organic technology in the movie. Or maybe someone working under the main villain for some reason.

There have been stances where she has worked willingly or unwillingly for somebody against Batman. So she can be a possible inclusion.


9. Lois Lane



The world just grew a bit bigger but she can be a nice element in the story , depicting Lois is not limited to Metropolis. Gotham is not much far away and many times in the lore , she has visited Gotham to cover a story. Since she knows Batman , she can be a worthy inclusion. I can already think of her to be an acquaintance of Vicky Vale and her approach to Gotham being a joint collaboration on some story. 

One of the most important aspects of a shared universe that any character can appear in any movie. I would have loved to include Clark Kent in the list but since he has already visited Gotham in Dawn of Justice , his appearing again is unlikely. Lois Lane’s appearance , however , is the perfect integration of the lore of Superman in Batman without featuring Superman. Cool , isn’t it ?


10. Hugo Strange



Another cool villain who is not yet utilized in the big screen. He can be a perfect antagonist with a plan for a higher cause , he thinks reasonable or can be portrayed as a downright evil scientist persona. He can either star as a main villain or as a supporting character , but his inclusion can grant the story some scientific stakes. 


11. Black Mask



Roman Sionis, better known by his criminal alias Black Mask, is a longtime enemy of Batman and one of the most prominent figures in Gotham City’s organized crime. Since he is an enemy of both Bruce Wayne and Batman , inclusion of the character can give us more insight into the history and whereabouts of Wayne Enterprise as well as pave the way to showcase the caped crusader’s detective skills in his regular crime-fighting life.

Gotham is infamous for its crime underworld and Black Mask can be a perfect catalyst to flesh out the same.


12. Red Hood / Jason Todd



One of the biggest failure of both Batman and Bruce Wayne has to be Jason Todd. Since it is already proven that Joker and Harley has been involved in the murder of Jason , the scope of Red Hood looms large. It is unknown whether he is out there and what relationship he bears with Batman right now.

Inclusion of the character can include a dramatic element to the story , which audience are sure to love. Since we are talking of an older Batman , it’s very likely that he has come to turns to what happened to him and bears a complex relationship with the Bat.  It will be also nice to see the difference between Batman and Red Hood in terms to their way of getting justice. Oh wait ! This batman kills.


13. Lucius Fox



Morgan Freeman played an awesome Fox in The Dark Knight Trilogy and it leaves us to wonder what the character could be like in the DC Films. While it is displayed that Alfred and Bruce does all the technical stuff , it wouldn’t hurt to see another technical friend alongside Batman. It’s worth noticing that Lucius Fox and his technical innovations are real cool to see in a Batman world.

Arkham games and The Dark Knight Trilogy has portrayed that in their own perspective.Thus it will be worth seeing what DC Film’s Lucius Fox could be like and what aid technical or otherwise can he provide to the hero. 

14. Penguin



While the rumor of Penguin appearing as the main villain came as a shocker to most of us ; it can’t be declined that even after Danny DeVito’s Penguin incarnation , there are still a lot to be explored of the character.From a twisted evil crime lord Penguin to a sadistic dark hideous Oswald Cobblepot , there are a lot of possibilities with the character.

To quote Batman himself , “Whatever Penguin might be, he’s anything but a buffoon. He plans his crimes with military precision. His thinking is brilliant– circuitous and multi-leveled. His appearance makes you want to underestimate him, but don’t fall into that trap. – His major fault is his massive ego. He thinks he’s as physically adept as he is intelligent. If he allowed able-bodied henchmen to commit his crimes rather than trying to do it himself… our job would be far more difficult.


15. Deathstroke 



There’s a reason Snyder chose Deathstroke as the first Batman villain to be introduced. He is one of the Batman villains who is not yet utilized on the big screen but has the capability to pull the movie’s weight all by himself.Having both a dramatic history and boasting a plethora of skills , Slade Wilson is one of the most formidable forces that can be pitched against a hardened caped crusader who hits hard.

Of the few seconds we saw of Joe Manganiello at the end of Justice League , I feel he can really make a good Deathstroke. But it is also to be noted that if he is in action for a while , he has been instrumental to many crimes in the history of DC Films. Much like Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


So that was it . Though there are plenty of other characters namely Bane , Two-face and Clay-face , these were the more plausible options according to my speculation.As always . let us know what you think of the list and what more names would you like to add there , in the comments section below.

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