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Avengers 4 , now known as Avengers : End Game has relased its first trailer and it is already breaking the internet. With you watching the trailer multiple times to soak in as much as the cryptic melancholic teaser can provide , it remains our moral duty to aid you in the process. It’s clear that the trailer does not reveal much , for casual fans and movie goers. But , to quote the film-makers themselves , for those who were there from the beginning , it narrates a story.

The teaser swishes past multiple frames slowly giving us a glimpse of the aftermath of Avengers : Infinity War’s decimation event. Here are quick 5 things you may have rolled your eyes over without thinking much about it. 


Shuri is with her brother



The frame above should be enough to justify that Shuri has been removed from existence by the snap. And she is wherever her brother is now. While this doesn’t changes the equation much , it does makes us wonder what might be the condition now at Wakanda with the royal siblings now gone.

Looks like M’Baku and the Dora Milaje has some big shoes to fill in untill the world’s mightiest heroes do something about the situation.


Steve thinks Tony is dead



The next frame where Shuri is displayed shows Tom Holland’s Peter Parker replacing the screen space , indicating that Steve and team knows Peter is gone. There is no reason to believe Tony , who accompanied the young hero , is alive. That might be the reason there has been no rescue missions sent to Tony even with fast and swift resources of the Avengers facility and Thor (his mighty storm-breaker can summon the bi frost enabling him to transverse great distances in little time) himself. 

Kind of heart breaking , right ? Seeing Tony die like that with resources running out and here Steve thinking he couldn’t save him either. Add to that fact , how the two broke out at Civil War. Of all the things Steve has done , he can never forgive himself for this thing. Hope Tony clings on. 


Thanos chose not to heal himself



The Mad Titan did what he came for , Black Widow reminds us again as a (not so) tiny drop of tear rolls down the walking sentinel of liberty’s cheek. And as we can see in the trailer , there hasn’t been any change in his walking stance and his burnt hand as he walks past those flowers. Though the time difference is unclear , we see Thanos in the same situation as we last saw him.

For some reason he chose not to heal himself , even if he could. Infinity Stones are still there , maybe de-powered for a while though. And for a man like him , it’s not very far fetched. Even though he got what he wanted , he is willing to bear the mark of the abomination he made to the nature. More like warriors , who bears wounds from various battles as souvenirs. For him , that might be some kind of noble chivalry. We shall see.


Tony’s life has reached a familiar end



Years ago , due to the cunning plans of Obadiah Stane (Iron Monger) , a young and ambitious billionaire ended up in a cave far away from the reach of his near and dear ones. If it wasn’t for Yinsen and his pep talk , he would have died in that little hole. And that would have been the end of Tony Stark’s legacy. MCU would never had formed.

Now after all these years , life has taken Tony to the same familiar end of the line. Just now he is drifting in the infinite cosmos , his resources extinguishing with every second. So when his trembling hands reach for the helmet at the start of the trailer , it is a huge story unfolding on its own. 10 years of legacy has culminated to the end-game he always feared. Remember the not so tiny speech during Age of Ultron ? 

It is to be noted that Tony is not alone , Nebula is there with him. However being composed of mostly metal parts , thanks to Thanos , she is not dying as Tony. And the frame where she puts her hand on Tony’s shoulder is indicative of that fact. Maybe she can figure out a way though to save Tony. Can Nebula be the new Yinsen in Tony’s life ? I see the start of a beautiful friendship here.


Burton’s family is gone



Now , now….there is always a chance that he is out there as Ronin seeing the news that half of the people has randomly vanished. But frankly speaking that would be kind of weak and that is not Russo’s style. Of course , the thing for which he retired , is taken away from him.

And now , he is out there all in rage and ferocity when Black Widow finds him. Though the scene where he makes an appearance raises 2 questions in my mind , both apparently funny in their own respect. First , Why is there no blood in the sword which Clint pretends to wipe blood out of ? Second , he is standing on the corpse of some men , criminals most probably. Who the hell commits crime in situations where half of the population is gone all of a sudden ?

Anyway , so these were the few things I thought I needed to get off the chest. One , because it’s important as a fan. Two , people are saying this trailer didn’t show enough. Thanks to the 10 year universe building of Marvel , every scene in the frame of the trailer is a revelation of its own. You just need to have the eye to see it.



Now that you have finished the piece , you have 5 options : You can discuss this story with other fans in the forum , create a discussion group with people you care about , write something spicy about it in the fan creativity platform , just keep sneaking around or the most boring one : leave. 

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