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Sony and Insomniac games have revealed that their new Spider-man PS4 game will feature  a number of suits from spidey’s comic wardrobe. For example, the original black spider suit, the “Advanced” suit featuring the white spider, the “Homemade” suit that was just revealed, the “Iron Spider” suit that was just confirmed, the Spider-Man “Noir” suit, and the Spider-Punk suit. Insomniac has also revealed that we will have “too many” alternative costumes to unlock, and that a few more reveals are waiting for the fans before the game launches on September 7.

But among these fish there is a whale. No prizes for guessing though the suit is none other than the famous Iron Spider suit Peter is seen wearing in the trailers from Avengers : Infinity War. Down below you will find the teaser video released by Sony.



The cool thing that you must have noticed is that the homemade suit that Peter himself made and used in Spider-Man : Homecoming is also teased in the middle of the video.



That is a cool piece of cross-promotion right there. It is also apparent from the video that the repulsor arms have not been shown in this teaser but needless to say that has been saved for the gaming experience like Marvel has saved the Iron Spider reveal for the movie.

So what do you guys think off this Infinity War Iron Spider suit? Does it tingle your Spider sense a little? Sound off in the comments section below and follow us for more superhero updates.


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