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Forget Justice League ! The New Gods are here.



Just when you thought it could not get any weirder and bigger…DC has switched up the game with a New Gods movie. Yeah ! You heard that right. The one Jack Kirby created back in 1971.

Zack Snyder wanted to open up the DC World o new possibilities with Justice League. Unfortunately , he had to leave the project due to the sad demise of his daughter. His absence conjured some controversies along with reshoots , to ultimately make a Frankenstein of a movie.

However , new reports from Deadline state that Ava DuVernay , director of Wrinkle of Time is in final talks for helming a New Gods movie. The movie is reported to be outside the DC Films universe.

Jack Kirby’s Fourth World and new gods boasts a larger than life prospect and doing anything any close is incomprehensible at the moment. The conflict between Apokolips and New Genesis has stained the heart of a comic book generation.

Among the many scenes left out in storyboarding and cutting room , there was reportedly a Darkseid cameo in Justice League. The Dark Lord of Apokolips would probably have arrived to weigh upon the apocalyptic future teased in Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice.

The movie does not have a release date yet nor is it even confirmed by any DC universe. But hey isn’t it the case with most of DC’s slated movies ? Sound off your thoughts in the comments section below. 


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