A new report claims WB to be gearing up for Matt Reeve’s Batman project ; no longer called “The Batman”3 min read

A fan favorite and a signature DC Comics character , Batman has been in the hearts of millions for decades now. The name alone helped Batman v Superman earn what it did , back in 2016. But unfortunately , after the movie , different factors have contributed to the dim presence the character has now in DC Films Universe. After a missed opportunity named Justice League , the studio has trusted on “War for the Planet of the Apes” director Matt Reeves to make a standalone movie on the character ; and basically redeem him.

As days go by , new rumors haunt fans. At this point it’s very difficult to pull out the truth but what seems from the overall viewpoint is that Ben has a very low chance to return as Batman. Some younger actor is going to take on the mantle. Back in the day , Reeves updated us that the filming on the Batman movie will start principal photography in this summer. However , it is being postponed to November 2019 and looking at the way WB has handled projects in the pipeline ; it can be pushed further.

However , in all the news , we might have a silver lining after all. A new report claims that the studio is slowly rolling out towards the pre-production of the project and aiming to fill all the cast.

Matt Reeves previously stated that he would be looking onto the detective side of the character , giving the film an overall Noir touch. It was also rumored in between that Penguin would be the villain of the superhero flick. There are some fragile rumors regarding the setting of the plot but they are too far fetched.

Even though , DC/WB is hesitant on making a Batman movie ; the bat universe is well set across other platforms. Ruby Rose’s Bat woman has been ordered a pilot on the CW as there are news that Batgirl is being developed on the DC streaming service , DC Universe. Add to the fact , Titans Season 1 (a show where the Bat has a huge presence) was a good show and decent success. Meanwhile , in the silver screen , we can expect a trailer for Todd Philip’s Joker movie featuring Joaquin Phoenix anytime soon. Suicide Squad 2 and Birds of Prey to start filming this year , while several other character in the Bat universe are hanging at different stages of the production pipeline.

But what is/was keeping studios at bay , is the way Snyder and Joss has crafted out the character in the universe.The success of Aquaman might just have tipped the studio to work on their most popular character , yet again. The question just remains : Who and How ? Let us know what you think of this news in the comments below and follow us for more superhero updates.

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