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We started off as a Facebook fan community page back in June 2015 with a dream to share things we love with people who resonate our love for superheroes. 2 years in , we felt we can be something more than just a Facebook page. Facebook has limitations , any social media is one-sided. We were looking for a wider platform which we could share with you guys , and thus we made superheroabode.com .

Superheroabode.com is a platform where we both can share cool things : you can share your own story about a favorite superhero , a piece of content or art you made , a piece of your heart in the shape of an article , some friendly wisdom…anything and everything you can think of related to comicbooks/superheroes ! We also exist as a budding YouTube content creator which we use to create fan content like fan trailers , character analysis , top 10s , video essays and much more. The unused YouTube video ideas are regularly posted on our Facebook in form of extracts or the entire piece refurbished for social media.Superhero Abode intends to be a complete fan platform for a superhero nerd ; that too free of cost.

At the moment Superheroabode.com shares –

*A platform with you to write movie Reviews. Click here for more.

*A platform with you to share your own speculation/fan/theories/top 10s etc. Click here for more.

*A platform with you to share your art to others. Click here for more.

*A platform with you to write and share your own stories regarding your favorite characters with everyone else. Click here for more.

*A forum for fan discussion regarding anything and everything related to superheroes (classified into categories) and we are planning to expand into more artistic territories in the future. Click here for more.

However , the news upload privileges are exclusive to the administrators of Superheroabode.com and restricted from user based posting.


You are our strength ! Superhero Abode is a non-funded association , so it gets incredibly tough , expensive and laborious at times to continue. You can help to keep the initiative alive. Here are a list of ways by which you can help :
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Help us get our fan sharing platform popular. We have got a free platform for fans over here but what’s the use of it if nobody uses it ? Let your creative friends know we are out here. Be the first of our contributors. This will be something we will not forget.Register with Superheroabode.com by clicking right here. A registration at superheroabode.com is free and easy and gives you access to our forums and fan creativity platform.
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