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To hit somewhere in 2019 , HBO’s Watchmen series will expand upon the universe. The universe was previously brought to the general movie-goers through Zack Snyder’s adaptation of the iconic Alan Moore novel , back in 2009. Though not a commercial success , the movie was somewhat successful in giving everyone a clear idea what’s it all about. This series however , is looking forward to deep dive further into the universe , probably years after the destruction. 

The series would feature in the current date with taking inspiration from the original novel . Earlier in the year , show runner Damon Lindelof took to his Instagram to convey a 5 page letter to the Watchmen fans to describe his vision of the show. He also confirmed there will be new faces with new masks to cover them. The show is supposed to be a remixed version of the original novel and will be influenced by  prominent political figures of the modern day like Donald Trump, Theresa May and Vladimir Putin in the same way the original was inspired from Cold War. Have a look at the letter below : 


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Day 140.

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Considering the details , an older Ozymandias (Adrian Viedt) was inevitable. But what’s interesting is Jeremy Irons , who plays the faithful Batman of Batman , is now taking this mantle. Ozymandias will play a critical role in the series , without a doubt. Because he was the one behind it all . We still have no clue whether the current world is still blinded by the trick Ozymandias played on them or is aware (or will be , at some point in the show) of what he did 30 years ago. Also , does that indirectly mean that the Soviet Union is still breathing ? Was Rorschach’s journal published ?  Where and how is Doctor Manhattan ?  

All this questions will be answered somewhere in the upcoming future. Regardless to say , the extension of Watchmen into a fresh modern day world would be somewhat very daunting for most of us.  Let us know what you feel about Jeremy Irons being cast as Ozymandias in the show , in the comments down below and follow us for more superhero updates.



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