Aquaman : New photos gives us our first look at Black Manta , Orm , Vulko and Queen Atlanna1 min read


Following the EW cover releases , we have some tasty insights into the story via some stunning screen grabs from the movie. The first one sees Arthur Curry rushing in to the submarine where the earlier part of the movie is speculated to take place.



Next up we have Arthur Curry and Mera on some sort of mission on the surface , an expedition through which the couple might get to be able to become fond of each other.



After that we get our first look at William Dafoe’s Vulko who will be laying down the statistics , hopefully in favor of Arthur.



Now we come to the competition : we get our first look at Wilson’s Orm as he faces Jason Momoa’s Aquaman for a much coveted fan fight.



Additionally , we get our first look at blank Manta as he stares at the infamous yet iconic oval helmet kept on a desk. Is it his invention or his father’s ?




Lastly , we come to the sad part of the Aquaman tale where the queen had to leave baby Arthur to his father under the king’s order.



Let us know what you thought of the pictures in the comment section below and follow us for more Aquaman updates.


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