Aquaman swims in as the second fresh DC Film ; should you watch it ?1 min read


Finally , Aquaman is here – it is directed by James Wan and the fifth movie in the DC Cinematic Universe and will launch in some international markets before swimming into USA next week. But here’s the most important thing that matters right now….it is the second fresh movie in the DC Films. 

Its sad that I have to say it like this , that too about a universe based on DC Comics. But it  is as it is – anyway , as I write , the movie is scoring at an fresh 75% score on Rotten Tomatoes with 64 reviews. DC Films has been critically panned by the critics , so much so that it has been a laughing stock for the entire committee. 

But that will work in a positive way for Aquaman. A huge head start in China combined with this good word of mouth combined with the likability of James Wan should give enough space to help DC win in this crowded Christmas period. And we all know how much DC needs this win to think about further universe building. 

So should you watch it ? Summarizing the entire reviews , Aquaman is corny and filled with cheesy one-liners average performances but does it boldly. It makes you soak into the world and is a fun ride for every age. Worth a watch ? Most definately ! 

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