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Composer Carlos Villalobos’s Instagram post suggest that a new Aquaman trailer could be soon to grace the fandom.



James Wan’s Aquaman is the only DC cinematic movie slated for 2018. However a new Instagram post infers something which might excite the fans for the wait. Fans in the SDCC last year have been teased of the underwater DC adventure but the world is still to experience its beauty.

Composer Carlos Villalobos has took to Instagram to share something which can not be anything else but he composing the music for an upcoming Aquaman trailer. Here is the post : 



Aquaman will be the first we get to see Atlantis since the inception of the king of the seven seas. We got to see some of his world in the DC team-up Justice League. But that can be compared to nothing when we compare the character’s 80 years legacy.

With the winter release DC will let fans dip into the underwater territories , which if done right , is nothing short of magic. Jason Momoa has already teased of the original trident he will receive when he will be the king after a fight with the infamous Prince Orm and Black Manta.

DC/WB has a habit of teasing fans from a early on stage , so a teaser 10 months before the actual movie should not strike as a surprise. However the Instagram post does not tease anything new as the picture teased belongs from the promotion material of Justice League ( not from the movie though ).

In any case , an Aquaman tease is the best thing WB can show to the fans right now. As a lot of them are angry with the previous DC installment , WB needs to evolve its marketing strategies and re-focus on things that can work. Let us know what you thought of this post in the comments section below. And follow us for more Aquaman updates.


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