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I am guessing most of you have seen the movie Avengers : Infinity War by now. If you haven’t , this is the time to turn back. At the end of Avengers : Infinity War , Thanos was successful in doing what he wanted. What’s more pleasantly surprising is that most of the fans could feel with the villain by then. Not only was his motivations selfless but he had the determination to put it into effect. However , such an ambitious dream took place at the cost of the life of half of the universe.

Most of the audience especially the one unacquainted with the saga were shocked to see half of the heroes vanish into dust ; including the likes of Spider-man , Black Panther , Falcon , Wanda , most of the Guardians of the Galaxy , Doctor Strange , Nick Fury as well as Maria Hill. While it was heart-wrenching , most of us nowadays are caught up with the news. Considering Black Panther and Spider-man both have sequels planned and Spider-man being still a Sony property , it’s unlikely for them to not come back.



But it looks like the real shocker will come in the form of Avengers 4 when the world’s mightiest pick themselves up to face the Mad Titan and undo what he has done. With many heroes of the first team now teased their exit , it seems we are in the ‘End-game’ now. While we have been teased of time travel many times , Tony Stark being a crucial part of the process ; it seems the heroes have a lot more to suffer to undo what’s been done. 

A new synopsis from License Global Magazine teases the first ever synopsis of the next Avengers movie. And though we don’t have a name yet of the movie , things might be getting clear where we are all headed. You can believe the source as it was the one to break out the first Avengers : Infinity War synopsis back in the day. Have a look : 

“A culmination of 22 interconnected films the fourth installment of the Avengers saga will draw audiences to witness the turning point of this epic journey. Our beloved heroes will truly understand how fragile this reality is and the sacrifices that must be made to uphold it.”



The film-makers has previously teased that the upcoming movie will have higher stakes than Avengers : Infinity War and will end what they started with Marvel Cinematic Universe with Captain America : The Winter Soldier. While that may be true considering behind all the actions and stakes , Avengers : Infinity War was a simple movie with a straight forward heist plot.

But Avengers 4 looks to have a more complex plot as some set photos has indicated towards a time travel and we have got hints that there will be a significant time difference between the two Avengers movie. In a nutshell , the universe will accept to live with the events of Avengers : Infinity War for quite a while. So that in itself is a very though provoking thing for fans , coming out of Avengers : Infinity War.

It kind of makes sense considering the cost to bring back the heroes should be high , to not negate whatever happened in Avengers : Infinity War. Let us know what you think of the synopsis in the section down below and follow us for more superhero updates.




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