Avengers : Infinity War becomes the highest grossing superhero film ever2 min read


Avengers : Infinity War may not be the greatest celebration of father’s day but it sure benefited from Mother’s Day. Standing on a glorious third weekend , thanks to the incredible $200 M opening at China ; Avengers : Infinity War preceded its prequel Avengers (2012)’s worldwide gross to be the highest grossing superhero movie and fifth highest grossing movie of all time.

With this weekend’s gross of $61.8 M (estimated) ; the movie now stands at a $547.8 M in domestic grosses and $1.606 B at the worldwide one ; after 17 days of theatrical run.However , it is to be noted that it is way behind Marvel Studios’s Black Panther which has a domestic total of about $696 M. Also it seems unlikely that it will make so much so on domestic grounds at this point in time.

The next targets in the ladder are  Jurassic World ($1.671 billion), Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($2.068 billion), Titanic ($2.187 billion), and Avatar($2.788 billion). While it’s almost at the brink of out-grossing Jurassic World , the movie will face its first challenge in the form of 20th Century FOX’s Deadpool 2 next weekend. With first reactions extremely positive and an insane portfolio from the first movie , the flick can do some serious damage to the legs of Avengers : Infinity War henceforth.

The 19th installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is directed by the Russo brothers and contains all fine elements from all over the universe.It has helped get Marvel Cinematic Universe to $16.46 B and the franchise should easily step into the $17 B before 2018 wraps up.

Will Avengers : Infinity War be able to cross the immediate goal of 2 Billion dollars ? Comment down below. 


Source – Box Office Mojo

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