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Excited about Captain America going Nomad in Infinity War ? Here is a update that you should follow.


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If you have been following our page , you know Infinity War cast Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans teased the prospect of a Nomad few days ago. While the intention behind the act was something between being naughty and honest , the film-makers sheds more light on the rumor. In a podcast with Fantasy Focus Football , Joe Russo talked more about the darker side of the character.”Our approach to [Steve Rogers] was to deconstruct him, to take him in a different direction,” the Avengers : Infinity War filmmaker explained.”Obviously you can’t deal with a character called Captain America without dealing with the thematics behind that, so we wanted a relevancy to it and we wanted to put him in a position where he was questioning the chain of command.

This should not strike as any surprise , as we have previously mentioned the fact that it’s impossible to insert the arc of Nomad in an Infinity War movie. It just doesn’t compute. But one can borrow the essence of the character Nomad , remembering that Nomad represents the times when Captain America lost faith in America , or the chain of commands.”You’ll see in these Avengers films, he’s on a very specific journey as a character,” Russo said. “Some people have suspected that he may be Nomad heading into Avengers 3 and I wouldn’t say that he is exactly Nomad, but he is the spirit of that character.

So that should clear things up. This seems a more rational explanation of how the things can roll out in the movie. A costume change is something sure to fire things up but in all regards , Infinity War is not the best platform to play out Nomad. Maybe a fourth Captain America film ? Lets just hope he lives to see it , for the moment. So let us know what you thought of the comments of Joe Russo ? Were you expecting something like this or you fell for the act of Captain and Bucky ? Let us know in the comments section below.

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