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The last trailer for avengers : Infinity War is released and there is a lot to talk about.



Marvel dropped the second official trailer for Avengers : Infinity War and it was bonkers. Earth’s mightiest heroes and the Guardians of the Galaxy unite to take on the Mad Titan Thanos who, if you think does not look mad at all. Apart from that epic last shot though.

We will not only get to that but we will also show you eight of the biggest reveals that have arrived along with this new trailer that will help you get a clear structure of the movie and be prepared when this comes out on 27th April. (Tickets are on sale by the way) So let us roll.

1. Snap of his fingers

The entire time I knew him he only ever had one goal. To wipe out half of the universe. If he gets all the infinity stones , he can do it with the snap of his fingers. – Gamora



The trailer starts off in this ominous tone where Gamora introduces Thanos and his motivations to Tony Stark. If this dialogue seems familiar to you then you are right.
This is a callback to the Infinity Gauntlet saga where Thanos, after accumulating the six infinity stones made half of the living beings vanish with a snap of his fingers. (Pic below)
We know from the first trailer that the mad titan’s primary goal is to achieve balance in the entire universe , so it wouldn’t be hard figuring out where we are heading towards.



2. Meetings and greetings



While Avengers : Infinity War will see some old faces interact with some new one , it will also be a get-together for the old faces. We have already learnt how Thor and Captain might reacte when they meet again in the Wakanda Battle details.

The second trailer puts emphasis on some new connections as we get to see the gaurdians of the galaxy meeting up with Iron Man and Peter teaming up with Doctor Strange.

We also get a shot of the respectful and friendly handshake Steve Rogers shares with T’Challa when he brings his friend to Wakanda. We have previously learnt that T’Challa now trusts Steve Rogers and has offered him a new vibranium claw sheild and helped free Bucky Barnes from the Hydra Brainwashing. Now it seems he will help again in being the first line of defense to Thanos from reaching Vision.





3. War of Wakanda



Wakanda is a place of dreams and due to a recent turn of events , its king and protector has decided to stretch their hand of help to the other world. That might be the perfect and lucky charm we need as Thanos and his army attacks Wakanda.Marvel president has previously teased that Wakanda might be the anchor point for the future MCU now that Asgard is destroyed.

Another important thing to notice is that Banner being inside the Ironbuster suit is almost confirmed. It would probably take the genetically enhanced Dominators to take down the suit to force the Hulk out of Banner. Mark Ruffalo has said that Banner is the only guy who understands how dangerous and powerful Thanos is.



4. The Devil’s backstory



We need a bit of screen time to realize why thanos be beaten by the World’s mightiest. And Russo brothers seems to be going on that path. Thanos has looked forward towards the doom of his planet and people but could do nothing about it.

That might have led to the belief of balance within him. The trailer shows us Thanos abducting Young Gamora and more of his complex motivations taking shape.


5. Asgard’s brothers and the Children of Thanos



Asgard is not the place. It is the people. And now the people are gone too. Thanos has the last piece of belonging away from Thor as he attempta to crush the head of Thor. That might be the moment when Loki trades a deal to save him and his brother.

We get the first look at the other members of Thanos’s Black Order , other than Proxima Midnight. They looks really a formidable force to mess with.



While Glave and midnight seems to be going after Vision in Wakanda , Maw will be tackling Strange and his magic to finally get access to the time gem. All in all , Thor : Ragnarok seems as the last place the asgardian brothers would have fun in.




6. Strange in trouble



Talking of Doctor Strange , he seems trapped with his own magic as Maw leaves a menancing effect on him. The magic needles viewers have known since Doctor Strange has had its reverse effect on him.

Lets note that Stephen Strange is not yet Sorcerer Supreme. He is working on his way to it. Ebony Maw , being an experienced being might have taken advantage of the same.


7. Iron Man has something bad coming up



It’s been made clear that the orange planet where something drastic happens to Tony is Titan. We also have guessed that Tony might not be coming in to aid the Wakanda battle , he might have his hands full by that time.

Whatever the case may be Tony seems angry compared to the helpless and beaten he was in the first trailer. Probably Spiderman has died , probably something else.But things don’t looks good for the armored avenger.



The 🌒 throwing probably happens here. Who Thanos decides to kill it with is still under speculation.


8. The final fightback



The final fightback comes as a bit of shocker. Steve Rogers , the man with nothing to lose is able to stop Thanos’s hand. Which , without any infinity stone , was enough to put Hulk and Thor down. But a rational mind asks the inevitable question – How ?

Of course , there is an easy answer. Since we don’t know the place of the soul stone , people has randomly guessed its location , not even sparing Iron Man. So one can easily see Steve to be holding the key to Soul stone. But that doesn’t makes any sense , does it ?

So lets come down to the obvious possibilities –

a.The usage of kinetic energy invented by Shuri might also exist in the claw sheild Steve now fights with. The combined strength of Steve Rogers and that energy might have done the magic.

b.Steve has the soul gem. Hold on ! He has been roaming around the world doing special ops , since Civil war. There’s a possibility that he might have found the gem but found it wise enough to not tell anyone about it.

That being said , lets not completely shrugg the theory of Steve Rodgers having the soul stone. Weirder things have happened in the comics.

So let us know what else do you think was phenomenal in the last trailer and ket us know how excited are you for the movie ; in the comments section below. And be sure to follow us for more Avengers : Infinity War updates.



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