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By now , most of you should have seen Avengers : Infinity War. Those who haven’t it’s advisable to close this article and go watch the movie first. If you are a fan , you won’t like an event such as this get spoiled for you. With this fair bit of warning , lets proceed. So , Avengers : Infinity War , directed by Anthony and Joe Russo based on a script by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely , is the 19th movie in the franchise and the third Avengers movie. The movie was expected to put a punctuation mark on a decade of story-telling , and it did. So what actually happened ? 

Half of the world’s mightiest comprised of the likes of Black Panther , Spider-man , Star lord , Groot , Falcon , Wanda , Mantis , Drax , Doctor Strange , ceased to exist and Loki , Gamora and Heimdall got killed at the hands of Thanos. Indeed it was indinity war. Lets quickly recapitalize the film trying to figure out what actually happened.


1.Attack at Asgardian spaceship – Where is Valkyrie ?



The Marvel Studios displayed a glorious 10 year achievement in its intro but an ominous music followed – something which we have never witnessed in a Marvel Studios intro before. Needless to say this is the darkest movie Marvel Studios has ever made. The movie opened up to a distress call asking for help from the Asgardian ship , Thor took his people with after destroying Asgard , at the end of Thor : Ragnarok. “This is the Asgardian refugee vessel Statesman…We are under assault. I repeat, we are under assault. Engines are dead. Life support failing. Requesting aid from any vessel within range…Our crew is made up of Asgardian families, we have very few soldiers here. This is not a warcraft. I repeat, this is NOT a warcraft.

Now judging by the man Thanos is , it is to be understood that he has left half of the Asgardians to live. While this is confirmed later on by Thor , their viewpoint is not available to see in this movie. It is very plausible that Valkyrie is among one of them but it’s highly unlikely that she won’t put in a fight considering the fierce fighter she is. This is a question only Avengers 4 can answer but for now lets settle on that she got defeated by the Black Order. For now , Thor fans have to deal with loss of Heimdall and Loki.


2.No resurrections this time.



We all saw the god of mischief being strangled to death and before we could assume that this is another one of his death pretension , the mad titan broke all hope by saying “No resurrections this time.” But the bigger question is how did Thanos know about what happened back during the events of Thor : The Dark World. Is he aware of the Asgardian where-abouts or could it be he is referring to the end of the first Thor movie where Loki sacrificed himself. Could he be the one to resurrect him and send him to New York ?

While a crazy theory , we can almost confirm the New York battle scene will be realized again in Avengers 4 , in some sort of flashback or maybe something more. The right-hand side picture of Loki above is a leaked photo from the set of the untitled Avengers 4.


3.Hulk vs Thanos



Marvel President Kevin Fiege said long ago that the first five minutes would be enough to show us how bad-ass of a villain is Thanos. The beat-down with Hulk after the ambitious Thor : Ragnarok might be the thing he would be referring to. Thanos is both a stronger and more experienced fighter than Hulk , even without the gems. And the beat-down let Hulk to never come back up again in the entire movie.

While that is one of the chunky portion of humor in the movie , it’s a thing to ponder upon. Hulk is always reluctant on a fight and take over Banner. What could have caused it to go in the shadows can be more than just humiliation.


4.Tony being Tony



Tony Stark is found planning his marriage with Pepper at the start of the movie and be a proud parent at last. With a crack now in Avengers and an unknown threat he has been breeding in his head for six years , he finds his solace with Pepper and sometimes…in parenting Peter. A simple conversation with Pepper makes us understand why he chose to keep the arc reactor with him even when he was free of the curse at the end of Iron Man 3. Thanos’s threat however demanded him to soon be in a donut shaped space craft to Titan.

He , however has not been able to let go of the emotional grudge against Steve Rogers. Being the egotistic man he is , he was hesitant to call Steve even in this moment of crisis. Unluckily , when he does try , the plot doesn’t let him. Avengers : Infinity War in midst of pure joy and grief didn’t fulfill one fan wish : letting Steve and Tony meet. It will be interesting to see how when all hope is lost , the two has to shake hands and work together towards a solution in the next movie.


5.The Nano-suit



Tony has not been fooling around since Civil War. He has invested himself fully to fight against an inevitable “monster in the closet” he fears can come up anytime. The result is the nano-suit. Based on nano-technology , the armor resembles the bleeding edge from the comics. From space propellers to new advanced blasters and hitters , the suit is a piece of beauty. The propellers might explain how he comes back to Earth after the utter disaster at Titan.

The armor much like Black Panther’s , develops over his entire body from a singular arc reactor.It’s admirable how long Tony was able to hold off Thanos at bay. Hopefully , next time he will be more prepared and be able to shed more than a drop of blood of the Mad Titan.


6.The Black Order


Black Order


The Black Order as we all know of are the faithful children of Thanos and considerably , his first line of defense. The team in the movie is comprised of Cull Obsidian , Proxima Midnight , Corvius Glaive and Ebony Maw.

Cull was a strong and big being having super strength and super durability. He provided some serious damage to the enhanced hulkbuster ( the scene where Bruce optimizes the hulkbuster and has a talk with Natasha is cut off from the movie) , took the kinetic energy of the Panther suit and several blows of Iron Man to have no harm. However when one of his hand was cut off by the dimensional rift by Wong , he resorted to a cybernetic. It was the quick wit of Bruce Banner that he was killed by the energy barrier of Wakanda. Though exceptionally strong , he seemed to lack the brains as compared to his other team members.

Proxima and Glaive on the other hand are fierce and agile assassins who posed a serious threat to Vision and Wanda. Both were killed by the Avengers in battle. Maw was the most dangerous member in the team with a wicked and slimy presence , harnessing a mystical power set with him. After the huge fight by Tony and Strange , ultimately it took the cinematic knowledge of Peter yet again to kill him. It can assumed as for now , the Black Order is dead. 


7.Spider-man and the Iron Spider



Avengers : Infinity War should be both a joyful ride as well as a shocking experience for Spider-man fans as after performing many heroic deeds , the web-head was one of the unlucky ones to perish. Peter did some crazy stuffs against a threat like Thanos and made some decisions which really paid off. It may eventually seem he is more than ready to take out the threat in his sequel….or maybe not ?

Peter , much like Clark , is a result of a good upbringing. and moreover , Uncle Ben’s sad demise is one of the most prominent events of the hero which invoked in him an unshakable sense of responsibility. That sense is a little bit on display in Civil War when Tony converses with him as to why he does what he does , and is fully fleshed out in Avengers : Infinity War. As Tony bestows upon him the title of an Avenger in the moment of crisis , after a brief rejoice , I think he out-performed himself in every possible manner he could. Thanos must look out for this young hero , come Avengers 4.

The Iron Spider suit , another cool callback to the comics , celebrates the hero in a more epic form. When Peter suffers from lack of air when he accidentally boards the ship in pursue of Doctor Strange , Iron Man unlocks a new suit for him which uses the same nano technology he uses. Unfortunately , inspite of his warning to come back , Spidey decides to remain in the ship as a backup for Iron Man. All this meets a heart-wrenching moment when he grasps Iron Man hoping he could save him from perishing.”I don’t wanna go , I don’t wanna go , Sir…please..I don’t wanna go” begs young Peter before saying sorry to Tony Stark and fading away.


8. Guardians of the Galaxy



As promised by Chris Pratt , the guardians bring their own flavor and music to the movie. What was unsaid was about Gamora being the primary plot device , which we will talk about in the next point. Just after Thanos brings destruction to the Asgardian , a spaceship answers to its distress signal. But as The Spinner’s hit song “The Rubberband Man” starts playing , it doesn’t take long to figure who are in the ship. One of the three song suggested by James Gunn , the song turns out a part of the Awesome Mix as the Guardians are seen singing to the song.

After meeting Thor and being informed of Thanos’s upcoming threat , the team is divided into two parts. One team comprised of Star-lord , Gamora , Drax and Mantis head onto Knowhere to the Collector and another comprised of Thor , Rocket and Groot head over to Nedavellir to craft a new weapon for Thor to kill Thanos. Deeper into the story , the guardians meet up with Iron Man and company for an epic fight against Thanos.

Though whatever Peter Quill did was sheer stupidity , avoiding the emotional constraint on him at that point would be wrong. Especially considering that he is already proven to be an emotional guy previously. However among all other , majority of the team excluding Nebula and Rocket perishes with the snap of the infinity gauntlet.


9.Gamora and the soul stone



Prior to the release of the movie , fans had many crazy theories for the location of soul stone. But all of them turned out wrong in the most horrific way possible. Placed in the isolated planet Vormir , it turns out Gamora already knew the location of Soul stone but feared to reveal it to his step-father Thanos. It all leads to an epic conclusion , when few moments before her death she came to know she actually held a special place in the heart of the mad titan.

Gamora was adopted by Thanos at a very young age after the titan decided to eliminate half of her race. Thanks to her ferocity and survival attitude , she soon turned out to be a favorite of Thanos. Avengers : Infinity War successfully explains the complex relationship between Thanos and Gamora.

After her death , Thanos sees her little Gamora in front of the same gate in the soul world , where he first met her. With shame and guilt in his eyes , he admits that it cost everything for him to do what he intended to. Whether Gamora will return or not is untrue , but the essence of the relationship can be regarded as one of the most intelligently planned cinematic decisions in the movie.


10.Nebula and Gamora



After Infinity War , it makes more sense as to why Gamora was so angry with her sister and the relationship achieves a new perspective to look from. Thanos never liked Nebula much as she was inferior in matter of skill to her sister Gamora as she lost time and again to her. With each failure , Thanos replaced a part of her with a machine saying he wanted her to be her equal.

When Thanos said that he was a survivor , he meant it to the deepest core possible. He is one and he likes other with the same instinct. Nebula might not have been particularly up to the task in that aspect and thus never could earn love from her father. Not that it was her fault. Gamora on the other hand excelled and secretly became a loved one to Thanos. However , after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 , Nebula cared enough for Gamora as much she did. Seeing her in torture forced Gamora to reveal the location of the soul stone to Thanos.


11. Thanos



Thanos , for me , is the most characteristically rich nodal point of the story. And it is such a huge achievement from the VFX side , just thinking about it. It reclaims the idea that a CGI character can be displayed with having such a diverse array of emotions. Thanos’s calculas is simple : The universe is finite , its resources finite and if life is let go unchecked , it will perish. Thus he is hell bent on making half of the universe dissappear unbiased of poor , rich or other.

But his belief has a way more deeper foundation than just a thought provoking idea. He has seen his planet perish and even though he could see the future , he couldn’t do anything about it. He is thus on a mission on eliminating half of the life-form and in the process has got proven success from it. His ideas though outrageous and against the nature , are profound and selfless. All he wants is to see the sun set on a grateful universe – where every child gets his/her fair share of a full belly and clear skies.

He has a strong will to act upon what he believes in. Being a survivor , he also admires a survivor when he sees one.He is a man of honor and believes in some sort of higher calling and he doesn’t indulge in unnecessary killing. Nowhere in the story he desired anything for himself and sacrificed everything of his own for the greater good of the universe. It is to be noted that he could have got back anything with the infinity stones including his home world and Gamora but chose not to. He chose to live with the scar that changed history of the universe. I can definitely see audience feeling for the character when and if Avengers kill him. For me he directly makes it into my favorite anti-hero list.


12.Doctor Strange and his End-game



Doctor Strange and his skill-set is a huge contribution to the movie. Doctor Strange fans would concur with me to be satisfied with Russo Brothers adapting an iconic comic book moment on screen where Doctor Strange replicated himself into several reflections of his own. But what’s more important than the character himself , is the one future out of the 14,000,600 outcomes he saw with the aid of the time gem , where the Avengers won. Sure if not for Peter Quill’s stupidity , they could have won the game but as Thanos says , Destiny always finds its way.

The film-makers let us know from early on in the movie that he won’t hesitate to protect the stone against Iron Man or Spider-man. But Doctor Strange bargained Tony’s life for the time gem to Thanos. it seems unlikely that was due to some misguided emotion of any kind. Before perishing with several others , he said to Tony that they were in the end-game and that giving  away the time gem and letting Thanos do what he wants ; was the only way out.

What Strange saw in that one outcome is very difficult to deduce but one thing is for sure , Tony needs to be alive in that. Also Strange should have figured out that Tony was not going to be among the unlucky half to perish. Whatever Doctor Strange saw , will decide the outcome in Avengers 4 and would certainly be the end-game.





When the Russo Brothers said that Thor has the second most important arc in the movie behind Thanos , they were not lying. As I correctly assumed Thor loses everything that was left after Thor : Ragnarok and that makes him highly desperate to kill Thanos. That one conversation with Rocket was enough to figure out what state Thor is at right now , with him saying “What more do I have to lose ?” His mother , father , brother , hammer , best friend all are gone – and Avengers : Infinity War does not give a similar leverage of humor as Ragnarok to coat it.

His journey with Groot and Rocket is another fascinating element of this epic. After making the storm-breaker from Nidavellir , he storms into the fight reminding once again who the strongest avenger is. At last , Thor impales Thanos with the storm-breaker but unfortunately couldn’t stop him from snapping his fingers. Avengers : Infinity War is the perfect example of what kind of weightage should Thor leave in an Avengers movie. He along with Captain Marvel and Hulk are going to be the strongest forces in the upcoming Avengers 4.


14.Nick Fury and Captain Marvel



Carol Danvers was the first superhero Nick Fury came across in his career which changed a lot about how he perceives beings defying physics. The event supposedly cost him an eye and made him binge over the Avengers initiative. The event which happened in the 90s to a younger Nick Fury (as you can see in the set photo above) is a story which will not be told until March 2019. But Avengers : Infinity War didn’t fail to mention it as Nick Fury is found calling Captain Marvel as soon as he starts realizing the people around him are disappearing. He is just about to send the signal before he disappears as well.

But why didn’t Nick Fury call the uber-powerful hero before when he and the Avengers had faced situations where she could be handy ? Its as if the disappearance of people around him makes him remember about a similar incident where Carol Danvers was involved. Or it can be as simple as Carol informed Nick the exact situation on when to use the distress signal. What is the actual reason need to be hold off to the next Avengers but for now it seems Captain Marvel will play an integral role in the untitled Avengers 4.


15.Steve Rogers



Avengers : Infinity War didn’t give enough screen time for Captain America but Russo Brothers has previously said that they have distributed character arcs over 2 movies. So it is almost certain Captain will have a much bigger role in the upcoming movie. For now , it is as is after Civil War. Captain America does not care about system and permissions anymore but does consider the Avengers headquarters home. If not for him , Vision and Wanda would have been prey to the likes of Proxima and Corvius. 

He is seen gloriously sprint into the War alongside Black Panther and lay waste to a lot of outriders and even Corvius Glaive. It is also a spectacular moment when he is able to hold Thanos’s hand , leaving him confused. However ,whatever happens is beyond the scope of comprehension of Steve Rogers and he is shocked when Bucky disappears in front of him. He will certainly be more prepared when he faces Thanos next time. Avengers : Infinity War really caught a lot of characters quickly on their wrong side.


16. Black Panther and Wakanda


Superhero Abode


It was a shock for most of the fans when their recent favorite king , Black Panther was among the ones to disappear. Wakanda acted a solid aid to defend Vision from Thanos but was ultimately destroyed in all those chaos. This hit very hard for some fans. Apart from freeing Winter Solider (now known as White Wolf) from his Hydra brainwashing and giving him a vibranium arm , Black Panther was also the one to provide Steve Rogers with the shield he required on field. 

Wakanda provided an awesome barrier to the threat and the war there was one of the most breath-taking scenes in the movie. Shuri tried a lot to detach the stone from Vision but fell short of the pace by which things were escalating in the movie. What place will Wakanda and Black Panther hold in the upcoming Avengers 4 is still to be seen , but it is to be hoped that it will be substantial enough.


17.Scott and Clint



Proven from the promotion , Ant-Man and Hawkeye was missing in the movie. Black Widow addresses the fact stating that both have taken time with their families after the government went behind them after Civil War. Part of this is evident from the Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer. However , things highly change after Thanos was successful in eliminating half of the life-forms.

It could be highly plausible that families of the heroes get affected too. That could be the thing which can provoke themselves to come back into the action. Also it is probable that the heroes themselves could get affected by the event. Things could take an ugly turn. We can expect to see how things turn for the shrinking Avenger by the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp’s end. And the movie’s name is suggestive of the fact of who can join Ant-Man in the fight , isn’t it ?


18.The Original Avengers still live



The most important part of all these is the first team of Avengers still lives , and that can bring resistance to Thanos’s purpose. The above pictures are from the sets of Avengers 4 and demonstrates how emotionally involved they will be in the upcoming untitled Avengers 4. Moreover , actors playing this roles have consistently teased that the upcoming Avengers movie might be their last. That puts an insurmountable level of curiosity behind the movie.

Avengers : Infinity War brought destruction to Tony Stark in every way possible as he lost to his worst fear. He got to live , thanks to Doctor Strange but in exchange he lost everything. The highest price for me would have been when he was able to do nothing as Peter begged to him for help. Also it’s unknown whether the event has affected either or both of Happy and Pepper. I would only wonder what happens when Steve and Tony both come to contact now. Maybe the film-makers chose to avoid this in Avengers : Infinity War as the first reason. The emotional impetus of the meeting would be way too high. 


19.Wanda and Vision



The most emotionally devastating moments should definitely come from Vision and Wanda. The part where Wanda was forced to destroy the mind stone along with Vision all to “fail all the same” was the most shocking moments of the story. I also couldn’t help but notice a sad smile on Wanda when she disappeared among thin air. She might be the only character to be happy to cease to exist.

Both being among the strongest of the team were reduced to a helpless couple desperate to escape from Thanos’s threat was one of the most heart-wrenching moments of the story. It is highly possible that Wanda returns in Avengers 4 but Vision doesn’t. That will really display a strong and desperate Wanda Maximoff. And if we know anything as comic book readers , a pissed off daughter of a certain Omega Mutant is the least any super-villain would like to square off against.


20.Where did half of the life-form disappear to ?



Coming to the last and most important question of the movie , where did half of the life-form disappeared to when Thanos snapped his fingers ? The movie already demonstrated that the action takes a harder toll on the wielder than in the comics , burning out the gauntlet. If the film-makers follow anything from the comics , soul world is the place where all the souls can have disappeared to.

You can kill someone , but it is possible that the film-makers see it as the transcendence of the memories and attachments of the person into a higher plane.While it is highly possible that it is otherwise , but the conversation between Thanos and little Gamora can be an inference to something bigger. However , to confirm anything we have to wait till the next Avengers movie sadly.

Let us know what you thought of Avengers : Infinity War and how you see it leading into the next untitled Avengers 4 in the comments section below. and be sure to follow us for more superhero updates.





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