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Infinity War. The End. Marvel Studios’s Avengers : Infinity War is here.


Marvel Studios has come a long way since the Iron Man , the huge amount of anticipation to just see the trailer is the primary proof for that. Avengers : Infinity war , the epic culmination to a era of story-telling is of paramount importance to fans all over the globe , for reasons more than one. 

Definitive , Innovative and culminative ; Avengers : Infinity War follows a time when the World’s mightiest heros are going through the hardest time of their life. Unfortunately that is the time the Mad Titan Thanos decides to work upon his ambitious plans to get his hands on the most powerful forces in the universe – the infinity stones.

Fans have been waiting for this moment ever since Thanos was teased in The Avengers but now that the first trailer has crossed the 150M count on YouTube , Marvel Studios has finally decided to reveal the next ( and probably the final) trailer to Avengers : Infinity War. Here is the official final trailer : 



Perhaps the two most intriguing shots are of Thanos holding the hand of then childlike Gamora and Captain good old America blocking Thanos’s punch. I mean how in hell is that possible? He is wielding the freaking Infinity Gauntlet for God’s sake! 

Tickets have also gone on sale. Marvel entertainment has confirmed the news via a tweet featuring a motion poster.

Russo Brothers are now a name around which the Marvel Cinematic Universe revolves. No doubt they are directing the Avengers : Infinity War and its unnammed sequel Avengers 4 , but I have been a fan of their direction ever since Captain America : The Winter Soldier. (which remains my favorite MCU movie till date)

The director duo works more on the dramatic part and uses it as a bold statement to define their movies. Avengers : Infinity War will be nothing different and will find the major characters at a time when a lot has happened to them. A lot has happened (a major part of which was Captain America : Civil War ) that is enough to change the relationship between the heroes and the way they chose to view them.

While Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America , Tony Stark is working hard to fill in the gap and find his existence in this world. The armoured Avenger will be wearing a new armor which grows throughout his body from the arc reactor on his chest  with the help of the technology ,Bleeding Edge. The armor thrives on propellers which help him fly in space.

Due to the events of Civil War , Natasha’s trust circle has decreased to a significantly small number and her romance with Bruce does not seem to hold bright prospects , at the end of the day. Steve , Sam and Natasha like old days are now working on personal op missions around the globe without governement support and admiration. Bruce Banner , however , being the simple guy he is , does not understand Civil War. Thor has lost everything but you might not have realized that , thanks to the witty humour Taika Watiti injected into Thor : Ragnarok. 

But what’s really interesting is our bad guy , Thanos. Hailing from a world Titan , he has seen towards the destruction of his home world but couldn’t do anything about it. Played by Josh Brolin ,  now he is on a phylosophical path to balance the universe.“In time you will know , how it is like to lose.To feel so desperately you are right yet to fail all the same. Dread it , run from it , Destiny still arrives.”

While Gaurdians of the galaxy will be joining the fight against the Mad Titan , not much is known about the new faces. Ant-man will find himself in a difficult position after what he chose to do in Civil War and Barton is probably retired. Fans can certainly hope to see a Ronin arc with this massive event. Peter will mount the iron spider costume and probably fight side by side to Shuri.

Sam , though staying in Wakanda , along with Cap and Natasha , still holds a grudge towards T’Challa and Tony Stark. Whether Carol Danvers will join the show is still unknown .Wanda and Vision are enjoying their time together but when the time comes , Captain will be taking Vision under his and Wakanda’s protection. Especially considering he has one of the infinity stones.

A lot of the action will be taking place in Wakanda and according to Marvel President and aficionado Kevin Fiege , it could well be the anchor point for the MCU onwards.The king of Wakanda’s first solo adventure has broken into the billion dollar club and has marked many changes in his life. Wakanda , being the highly advanced state it is , is more open to the world. T’Challa trusts Steve Rogers and as a token of friendship has offered his friends refuge and a new sheild as well as rehabilation to Bucky Barnes , with the help of Shuri. 

Russo Brothers have also established their sense for action in The Winter Soldier and Civil War , and will be amplifying the prospect by a dozen times in Avengers : Infinity War. The Wakanda battle , glimpses of which we have got , seems to be a prime depiction of that.

All in all , it needs no proof that Avengers : iInfinity War is an event of a lifetime for a nerd and Marvel is doing nothing short to make this memorable for ages. What do you think of the trailer and how many times would you be seeing the movie in the theatres ? Let us know in the comments section below and while we start our countdown to the epic showdown , keep following us for more updates on Avengers : Infinity War.


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