Avengers : Infinity War makes history ; Cracks $2 Billion at the box-office2 min read

Thanos has made it rain. Avengers : Infinity War has officially become a member of the most elusive club at the worldwide box-office, by crossing the $2 Billion on Monday.

The movie has created history as it is the FIRST Superhero film to achieve this feat. It overtook 2012’s Avengers to become the highest grossing Comicbook movie a few days ago. Additionally Earth’s Mightiest heroes have joined Avatar, Titanic and Star Wars : The Force Awakens as the fourth member of the $2 Billion club. Infinity War achieved the milestone after 48 days in theaters, one day longer than it took Avatar to achieve the same goal. It is also the sixth film from Marvel Studios to collect $1 Billion and second movie to do so after Black Panther this year.

Domestically, Avengers: Infinity War was the second-fastest film to reach $500 million and its domestic box office total is now $655.1 million, making it the fifth highest grossing movie ever at the domestic box office, behind Titanic ($659.3 million). At this point with its moementum the eighteenth installment of MCU will surprass Titanic but it most certainly will not get past Black Panther.

Still it is just a mindblowing feat from Marvel. Infinity War also holds the record of the biggest domestic and worldwide opening at the box-office. And the show has not finished yet folks. Next year the still untitled Avengers 4 is going to finish it all. So strap in and ASSEMBLE.

What do you think will Avengers surprass Star Wars : TFA? Sound off in the comment section below.


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