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Avengers : Infinity War was a huge cinematic spectacle and the width of its story-telling was compelling for the depth of imagination the creative team has dwelt in for months. While it might be some time until we get hold of all of the concepts behind the movie , artist Sean Hargreaves has shared some of them with us in his site.

The concept arts are all spectacular and well worth a download for a screensaver or wallpaper. The movie was incredibly fast paced , but the action all started when a Hulk was transported to a peaceful Sanctum Sanctorum. Before Doctor Strange , Bruce Banner and Tony Stark could assemble or even alert the Avengers around the globe, they were met by the threat of Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian. The following concept arts demonstrate the same.  

Next up , we meet Captain and his team rescuing Vision and Wanda from Proxima Midnight and Corvius Glave. They then seek refuge on the strongest defense this world can provide them – Wakanda. King T’Challa opens them with open arms but he too was unaware of the army and power of the Mad Titan. The resultant was the spectacular Wakanda War between Wakanda and the Children of Thanos and the genetically mutated Dominators.

We see the full force of Wakanda against the Children of Thanos as they rage in through the forests of Wakanda for Vision’s mind stone with the mindless Dominator army. There is also a spectacle of a little battle between Vision and Glave , which unfortunately we saw very little of. Its also to be noted that Captain is in his former uniform in the concept arts.

Irrespective of how you felt coming out of the movie , Thanos was the heart of the entire flick. Not only his motivations were complex but the situations he had to go through to achieve his goal took a hard toll on him. He is among one characters in the entire movie who suffered a lot.

The following concept arts demonstartes the mystical soulful world of Vormir where the Soul Stone was kept and captures the beautiful imagery where Gamora was sacrificed for achieving the stone.

Unfortunately , there’s nothing from the fight at Titan yet. But we see the moment when Thanos comes fully prepared at Wakanda with five of the stone stones in his gauntlet. As a result , the World’s mightiest wasn’t successful in stopping what he wanted. However , as mentioned , the whole day took a hard toll on him. When the movie ends , we see him sitting somewhere with a sad but peaceful smile in his face – knowing he did what he had to.

The untitled Avengers 4 movie is said to be more painful for the fans. In a way , that makes sense since the effects of the snap where half of the existence was lost has to be reversed. Add to that fact that Black Panther and Spider-man have their sequels aligned and that Spider-man is still a SONY property.

Most probably , we are looking forward to an inevitable exit of the first members of the World’s Mightiest. Every good story sadly needs to have a ending. Let us know what you thought of the concept arts in the comments down below and follow us for more DC ,Marvel and other superhero updates.

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