Avengers : Infinity War starts tracking with a huge opening weekend estimate1 min read

Avengers : Infinity War’s first opening weekend estimates have arrived and that’s , undoubtedly huge ! 



Avengers : Infinity War is just about 20 days away , and that in itself is huge. Considering that the movie is about to culminate a story-telling arc spanned over a decade and 18 movies. The movie has been breaking records ever since the first trailer.So why should the first estimates be anything different ?

Deadline reports that Anthony and Joe Russo’s Avengers: Infinity War will open to an estimated $200 M+ , a number only achieved by 5 movies before :  Star Wars: TFA – $247,966,675 , Star Wars: TLJ – $220,009,584 ,  Jurassic World – $208,806,270 , The Avengers – $207,438,708 and Black Panther – $202,003,951. With this just being the unofficial first estimates we can expect the amount to go up even higher.

Such an unprecedented amount is due to the fan anticipation build over the fine conduct Marvel has put out over the last decade. With Black Panther well above $1 B , we can expect Marvel Cinematic Universe to be close to a $16 B franchise before 2019 hit us.Marvel/Disney has as always remained quiet about the numbers.

Follow us for more current and updated estimates of the movie and comment down below your thought on the first estimates down below.

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