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Huge spoilers ahead for Avengers : Infinity War for those who have not seen the movie. So if you haven’t seen the movie , its advisable to not move forward. Remember this warning stays till the end of this month.

The Stormbreaker is one of the most powerful weapon of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We can confirm that after seeing Avengers : Infinity War. It is so aggressively robust that it pierced through the powers of the Infinity gauntlet containing all the infinity stones. That is not possible in the comics but is nevertheless an insane feat.The weapon forged from Uru at Nidavellir with the combined efforts of Dwarf gaint blacksmith Eitri , Groot , Thor and Rocket has insane amount of power stored in it. It is bigger, better and also has a sharp edge – specially meant to kill Thanos.

But , its quality does not end there. It has a far richer history in Thor lore than just its remarkable powers. The insane power level of the weapon in the movie is inspired by the heritage it bears in the comics.Introduced in Thor #339 back in 1984, the Stormbreaker is the weapon of one of the greatest warriors of the Marvel Universe – arguably even better than Thor. 



Yes it’s Beta Ray Bill ! Originally Simon Walters from the Burning Galaxy , Bill has defeated Thor Odinson in battle multiple times and is one of the most fan favorite ally of the God of Thunder. He came too close to the big screen with Thor : Ragnarok but the screen-time was later considered an injustice to the character.  With hopes high that the character might show up sometime in the future as Thor , lets talk about his uber-powerful weapon.

Enchanted directly from Odin , Storm-breaker has physical attributes similar to Mjolnir but doesn’t suffer from its limitations and is a bit stronger. It can summon mystical energy and natural force like storm and lightening , transport things or being from one dimension to another and give the wielder the ability to fly. In the comics , the transportation ability is even used in a warfare ; like once it was used to transport a comet to the living planet Ego. As the weapon can summon the Bifrost in the cinematic universe , it should prove itself of immense help in the upcoming untitled Avengers 4.



From bringing Tony and Nebula back from Titan (provided they are stranded over there) to a portal into the soul world (where half of the universe is right now , most probably) : the storm-breaker can do it all. Also not to forget a part of groot was used to craft it , the little sentient plant still lives through it. Maybe that can be used to open a portal to the soul world. What’s the major difference from the comics is that this weapon is specifically made for killing Thanos. It’s like kryptonite for Thanos.

When the movie took its time for forging that formidable weapon , I like many fans did not give in to the Chekhov’s gun act the film-makers were trying to pull off. Chekhov’s gun implies that : ‘If in the first act you have hung a pistol on the wall, then in the following one it should be fired.’ Of course we know that didn’t happen ; Thanos is not a one-movie-done villain of any sort. But what’s important is the weapon caused immense harm to him and when the movie ends , we still Thanos wounded.

But it makes sense – the power it has been displayed to possess is huge and giving it more screen time just makes more sense. If Thor is not going anywhere after Avengers 4 , this is the perfect weapon Taika Watiti would need to move the story of Thor forward in a new universe which has uber-powerful heroes of the likes of Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange.



Thor Odinson has beared way too much and he has matured alongside his friends with his fair share of pain and sacrifice. When he impales the Mad Titan with his stormbreaker , revenge was the only thing he was living for. Avengers 4 should give him more time and clarity to look at the situation and help the team forward to revive the lives that have been diminished by the stones.

But like majority of the first Avengers , MCU might have even thought of an exit route for Chris Hemsworth’s Thor Odinson with the untitled Avengers 4 movie. Though it might not necessarily be death, we may see Thor just walk away.and if Thor Odinson had to walk away , Beta Ray Bill can be the best replacement MCU can get. Though compared to Odinson , he is not beautiful looking , his story can nicely make up for a Thor replacement in the future MCU.

Thor has always been under-powered in the MCU and due to the monotonicity of the character , he was not as appreciated as Captain America and Iron Man. While Thor : Ragnarok and Avengers : Infinity War took everything from the hero , it made people to love him again. If Thor decides to walk away from the mantle , Beta Ray Bill may be the next best person to wield the storm-breaker and stomp into the battle against more fierce enemies.



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