Avengers : Infinity War teases a memorable comicbook moment as Thanos threats to snaps his fingers2 min read

The latest TV Spot teases a fan favorite moment from the comics as Thanos threatens to snap his fingers.


Thanos snaps his finger


Every cosmic tyrants possesses a common trait , they treat human beings as primitive beings who do not hold importance in the main equation. The comic book Thanos posses a similar trait and thus , Captain America has always intrigued  him. In the Infinity Gauntlet , the mad titan to prove his love to Lady Death snapped his finger with the gauntlet complete with all the gems. (Click here to know more about Infinity gems/stones).

As a resultant , he removed half of the existence of the universe. He wanted to create a balance by that act of his. Thanks to the second trailer , Gamora explained the inevitable fate of MCU in her own words. A new TV spot , which is unfortunately a boot-leg version as of now , Thanos  explains how tiny the World’s mightiest is compared to his might and ambitions. Judging by the looks , Thanos is saying it to Iron Man in his home planet Titan.

The new TV spot boasts of a lot of new footage. So be sure to check it out below. When a better version is available , we will update the same.[UPDATED HD]

It seems evident now that Avengers : Infinity War will end with the mad titan re-making the iconic scene on the big screen. And it would culminate to a Avengers 4 where the Avengers will find a way to defeat him again. It reminds me much of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part-1 where at the end of the movie , Voldemort got what he wanted and there seemed a very little chance for the good to thrive again.

Let us know what you think of the TV Spot in the comments section below and keep following us for more superhero updates.


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