Avengers : Infinity War – The Guardians come to know about Titan in this new deleted scene2 min read


Ever wondered how the guardians tracked back Gamora to Titan where they met with Tony Stark , Doctor Strange and Spider-man ? Well the new deleted scene from Entertainment Weekly explains so. In a movie with as much characters and story threads it had , it gets impossible to exploit every sub-plot in a 150 minute screen time.

As one may expect , the message came from Nebula who warned them where Thanos is headed with Gamora. Since the scene in itself does not carry content enough to be added to the entire movie , it was left in the floor of the editing room. You can have a look at the entire marvel spectacle once again if you buy it in Digital HD when it comes out this Tuesday.For now have a look at the deleted scene below :



Out of all , the guardians took the most hit out of the snap of the infinity gauntlet. In the game of balance where Thanos succeeded in removing the existence of half of the life-form in the entire universe , the only ones in the team who were breathing when the credits rolled were Rocket and Nebula. Sure they have to come back considering they have a third and final movie awaiting , the fate of Gamora can still not be predicted.

In other news outside the fantastical world of Marvel , James Gunn is no more in charge of the third movie. That can or can not change everything he planned for the team and their exit. According to Gunn , the third movie was supposed to be the last we see of the current team. How it all shapes out to be can only be fully realized in the upcoming months. Until then keep following us for more superhero updates.


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