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Spider-man’s death was the most dramatic and emotionally compelling deaths of the many in Infinity War. When Thanos snapped his fingers half of the population started to cease from existance. While the incident started unveiling from Wakanda where the likes of Black Panther , Falcon , Winter Soldier and Groot turn to dust , things get uglier at Titan.

When the heroes around Tony starts dissapearing , he is alarmed of whether he will ne one of the unlucky ones. But to his horror , a terrified Peter is the one to go. After a heart wrenching scene where he repeatedly begs Tony to help him , he ultimately says sorry and dissapears. While one of the most cruel scene of the epic culmination , it had fans to think why the web-head acted any differently from others.



Obviously , the first reason to get the majority of fan debate which had to be the reason Peter knew earlier than his body started to disintegrate , that something was wrong. It is also to be noted that he did not knew the outcome of the snapping of a complete infinity gauntlet , so he was intensely shocked and terrified. So how did Peter actually get the time to deliver such a heart-breaking conversation while the others vanquished without even knowing about the upcoming danger ?

Turns out fans were right this time.”That’s correct,” Joe Russo said to Huffpost when asked if Peter Parker’s Spidey sense was behind the early warning. “He was aware of something.” That is pretty daunting considering what spider-sense is. It is truely capable of recepting upcoming threats to Peter’s brain and body moments before others do. The young web-head didn’t get to use this popular power untill Avengers : Infinity War when Russo Brothers caught hold of him again.

They decided to include this iconic power from the Spider-man mythos and they ended up doing a remarkably dramatic scene out of it. While Spider-man is set to return for a sequel , the impetus of the scene can not be neglected. Especially if one considers what impact it landed on Tony. Let us know what did you think about the moment in the comments aection below and follow us for more superhero updates.

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