Batwoman glides into the latest CW elseworld promo “That’s not Batman”1 min read


The time for the crossover season for CW’s arrow verse is here again and this might be the correct time to recall one of the most important attribute of it : Irrespective of the quality of the individual shows , the crossover quality has been incredibly good most of the times. That should give enough leverage for fans to be excited for the 5th crossover.

But this time there is a bonus…probably the closest thing you will get to the dark knight in the CW – Batwoman. This year’s else world crossover is featuring Ruby Rose as the Batwoman and as you can see, she is awesome. Take a look at the below featurette where the band comes to meet her first. ” That’s not Batman”



This is  the strongest presence of Batman I have felt in CW till now. There has been slight mentions of Bruce Wayne/Batman throughout the Arrowverse (mainly in Arrow) till now , but this might just be the closest the team gets to lasso the caped crusader in the loop. The promo also features brief looks at what seems to be the Arkham Asylum as inmates are seen escaping it (?).

Let us know what you felt about the promo in the comments section below and follow us for more superhero updates.

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