Captain Marvel certified fresh by RT; looks forward to a massive $125 Million Domestic Debut3 min read

Rotten Tomatoes hold an aggregate score of 84% for Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck’s Captain Marvel based on 135 reviews. It is certified fresh and is currently looking forward to a debut of about $125 M – $145 M, according to Hollywood Reporter. With a tally of another $150 M from foreign soils (Japan excluded) , Captain Marvel is looking forward to a whopping $300 M global debut.

With a decent multiplier throughout the upcoming weekends, the legs of the first female-led Marvel Cinematic Universe film can achieve wonders. This comes as a piece of welcome news for Marvel Studios who are going to launch their biggest movie yet next month. A successful prequel debuting the most powerful hero in the universe in itself ensures a bigger opening for Avengers : End Game.

Here are some of the popular reviews for your consideration. For detailed reviews , head over to Rotten Tomatoes :

So what does a best actress Oscar winner bring to a performance as a Marvel superhero? Larson makes Carol/Captain focused, solid, ever-alert to what’s going on around her, a quick learner, a determined and unafraid warrior. In other words, she’s everything you’d want and expect in a soldier, intergalactic or otherwise. But all of this is more or less prescribed by the role. What’s lacking is humor, a hint that she might get off on the action and violence, or the indication of a deep desire or spark to ferret out evil and right the world’s wrongs. The performance is fine, if not exciting or inspiring. – THR

Captain Marvel is a messy origin story with some clever twists – EW


‘Captain Marvel’ sparkles as intro to Brie Larson’s work-in-progress warrior – USA Today

In a sense, you can equate the tone (and some of the form) of “Captain Marvel” with that of something like Paul Verhoeven’s ahead-of-its-time, anti-fascist sci-fi picture “Starship Troopers,” also a self-reflexive, blatant metaphor. Going too deep into this comparison may reveal a few spoilers, but suffice to say both lean into fairly obvious symbolism and the idea that superpower nations and planets are often corrupted and on the wrong sides of history.The Wrap

These are all good reasons to root for Carol as she becomes the newest member of the MCU. But Captain Marvel doesn’t highlight any of them in a rousing, snappy way. I was hoping for something higher, further, faster, and more.Vox

So are you looking forward to catch Carol Danvers when she flies into theaters this weekend ? Let us know about it in the comments section below and follow us for more superhero updates.

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