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Without giving out any spoilers , lets just say Avengers : Infinity War was successful in hyping up the people for the upcoming Captain Marvel movie which hits theaters March , 2019. The movie set in the 90s paved the event for Samuel L. Jackson to meet the uber-powerful Carol Davers to be delivered on screen by Brie Larson. She was the first hero to come in the life of Nick Fury and changed his perspective of viewing things and his pushed him to binge over the Avengers Initiative.

Now , obviously the movie will feature a younger Nick Fury and as we know a lot of that work can easily realized with CGI nowadays. The recent set photos reveal the 69 year old actor in a younger form to brace the screen. Check out the set pictures from Hollywood Pipeline below and go to their gallery to view more of them




The movie about to introduce the shape-shifter Skrulls in the MCU will see the rise of a hero whose power levels are not yet seen in the franchise. The movie is mostly based on space cosmos as a Captain Marvel movie should be and explore the roots and psychology of the character. The character can even provide the edge the World’s Mightiest heroes require to beat the Mad Titan in Avengers : Infinity War.

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