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We now have our working title to Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Captain Marvel.



We first got our solid info on Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first female standalone superhero movie back in San Diego Comic Con. We were alerted of Nick Fury joining Carol Danvers in a movie to be set in the 90s and will introduce the Skrulls.

We also got some set photos of Nick Fury and Maria Hill a few days ago , though it’s not yet confirmed whether that is for Captain Marvel or Avengers 4. With production begun few days ago , now we have the working title of the superhero flick as well.

According to  Production Weekly , the working title is “Open World”. While the title may be a reference to the fact that Captain Marvel will take the fight to the outer cosmos , there can be more to that. After all , Captain Marvel is not a Marvel superhero who keeps her fights limited to Earth.

Over the course of history , Captain Marvel has been a part of cosmic and inter-galactic fights , on her own or as a part of the team. So seeing her break that limit in her origin movie should strike as nothing like a surprise. 

However , while it’s still unclear whether Captain Marvel will take it to space , we know that the movie will fill in some gaps before a certain billionaire decided to say to the public that he is Iron Man. If you are an ardent follower of the Marvel Cinematic Universe , you know there is a lot of prequel stories to be told.

Samuel L Jackson has already confirmed that we will see him with both eyes and thus this might be the movie to make the super spy blind by one eye. In any case , the title Open World could mean a lot of things. With potential as massive as it seems to have , it will be interesting to see which route Marvel takes for her first lady superhero.

Let us know what you thought of the working title ? Are you a fan of Captain Marvel ? Then what from the books would you like to see most get adapted in the big screen ? Let us know in the comments section below and follow us for more Captain Marvel updates.

Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8, 2019.

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