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It’s almost 10 days left and the Justice League promotion is blowing all over the roof with clips and promos pouring from all over. But interviews always give us something more…..

We first see , Henry Cavill talking about his moustache , returning from death, the black suit he teased last year with his Instagram and more . Have a look at the interview.



Next up we have the exclusive interview of Gal Gadot and Ezra Miller who play Wonder Woman and Flash respectively. However Ezra explains why he is never called the Flash and the one time he was , it was cut from the movie. Check out the interview from Chris Van Viet below :


As you can see , Barry is still just Barry. It will take some time before he becomes the Flash and fully recognizes his true potential.

Next up we come to an exclusive interview of Ben Affleck , Ray Fisher and Jason Momoa who talk about their roles in the movie Justice League.



We also have another interview from Fox 5’s entertainment reporter, Kevin McCarthy who talks about the tone of the movie , how Justice League is different and how the cast feels during the Flash scenes.



As you can see, Henry Cavill talks about the score of the movie , return of Kent and Superman and more.It is obvious the cast had some awesome time filming the movie and it would be interesting to see how it rolls out in the movie where we get to have a taste of the fun. Also the cast points out that how at the end of the day ,Justice League is Zack’s movie and Whedon came in to help complete the movie.

If you are a fan eager for the movie , you must check our 5 things to do before Justice League

So what did you think of the interviews ? Be sure to sound off your thoughts in the comments section below !

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