Chris Evans confirms bidding farewell to MCU after the untitled Avengers 42 min read

Chris Evans confirms the fact that he will be stepping away from the Captain America mantle after Avengers 4.



Chris Evans is representing a superhero of national profile for about 7 years. Talking of popularity , Chris Evan’s sentinel of liberty is the second most favorite superhero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But looks like the long war of the good Captain is now coming to an end. 

And beware , it isn’t because he lost or got killed in the hands of some supervillain. Its because Chris Evans wishfully wants to step down from the role. Avengers : Infinity War and its untitled sequel is a comic book movie event of paramount scale. Not only because it makes intensive use of top-notch VFX , but because it will complete the arcs of several fan favorite superheroes of this decade. 

After Robert Downey Jr.’s slight tease of Armageddon and the end for Iron Man , Chris Evans continues to step in the similar track , making it clear that the Infinity War event will wrap up the arcs for some of the bigger than life superheroes on screen.

Talking about his Broadway debut “Lobby Hero” to New York Times he said the reshoots during the fall should mark his end in that star studded costume.The actor’s contract was supposed to end with the third Avengers film but of course , he needs to be around when it all ends. “You want to get off the train before they push you off,” said the 36 year old American actor , summing about how it all comes to an end , for him.



It’s nothing but a confirmation but since fans like to hold on to the hope that things will take a good turn and some of the characters we love , just doesn’t….leave. But its fans we are talking about. We can only support and hope for the very best. Unfortunately , the Wold’s first mightiest aren’t doing much to keep us in doing so.

Let us know how you feel about this and where do you hold Chris Evan’s Captain America in your heart , in the comments section below. And keep following us for more updates on Captain America.

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