Chris Evans might remain Captain America after Avengers 4 ; teases filmmakers2 min read


Chris Evans is a celebrated actor in both the Hollywood and the Marvel Cinematic Universe , having been the face of America’s walking sentinel of liberty. Captain America , Created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon , the good old captain has been around since the days of the World War II . 

Having featured in several shows and movies , the character came to international limelight with Captain America : The First Avenger. And then his story was thoroughly unraveled over the next couple of movies , including the Avengers one. But standing in 2018 , things seemed to have reached the end of the line and it appears we need to say our beloved Captain goodbye as Evans drops his shield for good.

Keep your hopes up ! For we might be having a silver lining appearing right around the corner. When Joe Russo was asked by ET Canada about the prospect leaving the magic house of MCU , here is what he had to say. ““he’s not done yet,” chuckled the Avengers 4 47 year old film-maker chuckled. “.…and I won’t explain what that means but the audience will soon understand what I’m talking about.

No one ever said that Chris Evan’s Captain America has to die in the Avengers culmination next year. But the fact that Chris’s contract with Marvel studios ends with Avengers 4 and that Chris Evans has teased his exit multiple times , it all came to the belief that this might be it. But looks like there is something new for Captain America fans to look forward to. What do you think ? Let us know in the comments section below and follow us for more superhero updates.

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