Comcast looking forward to outpace Disney’s bid for FOX3 min read

A new report suggests Comcast looking forward to outpace Disney’s previous bid for acquisition of 20th Century Fox.


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It was not many days ago that the Walt Disney Company officially announced that they have acquired most of the 20th Century FOX assets for a bid of $52.4 Billion. While this caused an wave of excitement among the fandom thinking about the return of the X-Men and Fantastic 4 to Marvel , a new report might disappoint those hearts.

As we all know , Time Warner and AT&T deal was sued by the Justice Department in an attempt to block the $85 billion acquisition. For some of the past years , tech giants have shown a peeking interest over traditional media investments. While the intention of upgrading one’s portfolio is a need rather than a luxury in today’s competitive market , there is also a chance of conflict within both the company’s interest values. This was one of the chief reasons why Rupert Murdoch wanted to sell his company’s property to a fellow media conglomerate. 

However , some new reports from CNBC confirm that the communication company Comcast is looking forward to outpace Disney’s previous bid. The report also claims Disney to preparing for a response to the new bid from the third party , which could be favored by the shareholders. Comcast is , meanwhile , looking forward to push in a bid which could funnel in the opportunity of the shareholder’s decision to contradict Murdoch’s. 

Rupert Murdoch has vouched in for Disney for multiple reasons. At this point , the ease in the regulatory process of a traditional media company to acquire another , looks to be the main reason. If one comes to terms , it is nearly impossible for Disney to outbid the like of a communication giant such as Comcast. On the other hand , successful acquisition of Time Warner by AT&T could build confidence in tech companies to invest over traditional media businesses.

While one may argue that X-Men and Fantastic 4 might eventually return to Disney , no matter what , it is not as simple as it seems. The final decisions based on the exact deal Marvel made to FOX , there are chances where Comcast can make the whole thing work without handing the reigns to Disney. 

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