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Here we count down 4 Comicbook games that are not only best in the field till now but will also stand the test of time.



Its very hard to consider something that stands the test of time , especially when it comes to games. The creators are making leaps and bounds in gaming every year with continuous progression in terms of graphics , physics or game play. However , thanks to the fact that the comic book characters has not found similar prominence compared to other digital outlets , its possible to screen 5 evergreen comic book games.

 It’s a shame that standing in 2017 , we still have not witnessed a spike in comic book inspired games , especially when the other counterparts are doing so well. Video games are the ultimate medium to experience the fandom being the character yourself. Hopefully , we will get to see more character other than the likes of Spiderman and Batman gain a video game platform.

Here is what’s not in the list : A game whose position can be threatened easily by any other future game based on the same character.For example Deadpool or X-Men Origins : Wolverine. With this little introduction let’s start with the 5 comic book games that do indeed stand the test of time. The list is not ranked in any order .


Spiderman 2000



It took me a while to decide between this and the Spiderman 2 game. Ultimately it came to this for a series of factor. Not only the game is a solid play as a 200 game , it also defined the way people project Spiderman in 3D. Using the same engine that helped create Tom Hawks , Spider-Man opened up the Marvel world through a gaming platform like never before. 

As the hero proceeds throughout the levels , we see the likes of Captain America , Daredevil , Punisher , The Human Torch as well as integral characters to the Spiderman lore such as MJ , J. Jonah Jameson  Black Cat , Venom , Doctor Octopus , Carnage , Rhino , Scorpion and several others. It was as if right at the dawn of a new millennium , Marvel alongside Activision and Neversoft gave the perfect gift for its Spiderman fans.

Make no mistake : the game is not perfect. But that it can be replaced is the accompanying truth. While the game was a 3D visual spectacle for the fans of the webhead , it provided blue prints on which developers can work to make a better Spiderman game. And that in itself is something of paramount significance. There have been several games on better technology and game play , but this one remains a standout. 


Injustice : Gods Among Us



Injustice is one of the few stories which managed to push the ever polite and compassionate to the other side and invoke fear into the hearts of every others thinking of the consequences. DC has often tried to push the line with iconic story-lines like Kingdom Come or alternate universes like Superman : Red Son.

Based on an attempt to potray that no-one is above the darkness prevailing among us , the game successfully developed a popular run and its subsequent merchandise. Powered by the Unreal 3 engine the game maps three-dimensional characters in a 2.5D environment. It burrows several game-play aspects from the studio’s previous installment Mortal Kombat to engage various DC Comics character against one another in several fan favorite venues in the DC World.

The game opened up to exceedingly positive awards and garnered several awards. As usual it spawned a sequel as well. However , Injustice : Gods among us remains till date the first biggest display of the potential of DC Comic’s character on the platform. It is also to be noted that the idea and possibility was thereby harnessed into several other aspects. Injustice after 5 years stands the test of time and is fit for replay at any time.


Batman : Arkham Asylum



First in the arkham series , Batman : Arkham Asylum is a damn fabulous game which gave birth to an ambitious and highly successful video game franchise. The best creators and voices from DC Comics came together to give the Dark knight a road to glory on the video game platform.

Created by Rocksteady on a highly elegant story line , the game was the first to let fans be the caped crusader. If you have played the game you know why it’s justified for the several awards and titles it received including the Guinness book record for “Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever”. 

The game not only displayed the dark and edgy environment of the dreaded asylum it let the fans delve into the techniques Batman uses to take his enemy down. Based on a control scheme easy to master , you can attack your enemy through multiple approaches and techniques. 

As you continue to explore the fighting techniques of the caped crusader the creators has set up for you , the story never lets you lose the connection and engagement. Even if you are not a batman fan , the game’s awesomeness stands the test of time to be considered for a game play even today.Though the game-play was improved and technologies such as gliding and riding bat-mobile was introduced in the subsequent sequels , the game still remains a stand out. And it won’t take much of a while for an unacquainted to appreciate the game. 

Batman : Arkham City



Leave anything else , you have been following the list. If two consequent games of the same franchise make it in a narrow list of evergreen comic book games , you know there is something great about it. 




Picking up just months after which the first one left us , the game kicks open the boundaries of the first one. The player can glide over and across the dark alleys of Gotham and make sure there is not one unprotected soul in the city. The game adopts some of the things which made the first one so great but that doesn’t make it a great and evergreen option for a gamer.

What makes it great is the new essence Arkham City brings with it. Studded with a original track that can merge you into depths unknown , the new control scheme and movement keeps the comic book fans on their toes. Carefully designed levels and threats with an innovative environment makes sure that the player is never hovering around.

And above all that comes the story. Holy Cow ! That alone can compare with the best live action Batman movies ever made. In my personal humble opinion , the story just ranks below The Dark Knight. And this is one factor which never gets faded away in the “sands of time”.


There is a series of reason why Deadpool , X-Men : Origins , Arkham Knight or Punisher did not made it to the list. Each game in its own respect in the list makes sure that any gamer with an open mind can enjoy them , today or 10 years from now.

Granted outdated graphics makes it hard to concentrate but I believe that is something which is always secondary to a truly legendary game.Even after 2 decades , Halflife doesn’t ceases to amaze me. Even if the graphics didn’t stand the test of time ( wasn’t meant to) , the creativity of the creators behind the game did. The tremendous amount of thought process worked into a project , be it a motion picture or a video game or a panel , never gets old.

Let me know what you thought of the list and what more would you like to add , in the comments section below. And for more articles like this as well as superhero updates , keep following Superhero Abode.


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