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Life has changed since The Defenders for Matt Murdock. He had to come back in the suit to save New York City but the results did not end well for the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. While he may have survived the building falling on him , it seems the suit got completely destroyed. The recent set pics gives us Matt back in the black suit , the one which started it all. While that can be a flashback , it’s highly possible we are seeing at the current scenario.




The show literally seems to go back to the origin.Talking of origin , here is another interesting fact. Back in November , actor Wilson Bethel was cast as an FBI agent who used the walls of the bureau to hide his dark past named “Steve’. That Hashtag Show reports that Bethel is actually playing the iconic villain Bullseye in the show. While this should be taken with a pinch of salt , it is to be noted that The Hashtag Show previously were right with many casting break-downs.

Bullseye plays a major role in the lore of the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. He has even been the one to take Electra away from him , having directly murdered her in combat.And guess who was involved in moving the strings to that in background ? You are goddamn right ….Wilson Fisk ! 


Vincent D’Onofrio Says Kingpin Will "Blow Fans Away" In DAREDEVIL Season 3


Wilson Fisk’s representation by D’Onofrio in the Netflix is arguably the best villain anyone has portrayed in a comic book show. In the comics , Fisk challenged Elektra to a duel with Bullseye to prove who would become the Kingpin’s lead assassin and we all know what happened. However since Netflix has gone way past killing Elektra , it’s unlikely we would get to see her die again at the hands of Bullseye. The third show looking forward to take inspiration from Frank Miller’s Born again will probably have a different route , and if the iconic assassin is in the show , he will be present in a different capacity.

While Colin Farrell played the titular villain in Daredevil – the movie back in 2003 ; the movie is considered one of the worst CBMs of all time. Thus this incarnation will be interesting to look at. With the show now at its third season of fame , the possibilities are endless. Let us know what you think of Bullseye making his entry in the show ; in the comments section down below. And follow us for more superhero updates.

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