Daredevil Season 3 premiere date seemingly revealed !2 min read


With fans getting eager for the devil of hell’s kitchen to return to , what is supposed to be , the darkest chapter of his life ; we might have got a hint as to when we might expect that to happen. Luke Cage was cool , Iron Fist was a bit better…but let’s not fool ourselves….the real deal is still yet to come. With Vincent D’Onofrio returning as the Kingpin of NYC , Bullseye reported to feature in and the series set to take inspiration from Miller’s Born Again , expecting something short of comic book glory should be a shame.

And yes , the first teaser did not disappoint. After a brief tease of Matt Murdock missing , we see Matt Murdock willing to die the devil rather than Matt Murdock – he has lost all hope in the Justice system. So yes , you get it. We are all excited over here ! Now , to add to that excitement , Netflix Thailand seems to have even given away the premiere date. The post reads in Thai “October 19th, see you then.” While the post is deleted to add to the suspicion , it could be a trailer they are referring to. Who knows ? Have a look at the deleted post’s screen grab from Reddit down below : 



That if true , leaves us a month , until we have Daredevil Season 3 in our hands. Let us know what you thought of the premiere date in the comments section below. And follow us for more superhero updates.




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