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Dark Phoenix has the least position in most of the anticipated lists out there – Fox has given enough reason for this. It’s a shame since Dark Phoenix is one of the most epic story-lines Marvel ever rolled out. However irrespective of creative flaws and a series of underwhelming films with confusing timelines , a fan can never refuse to hope. Right now , Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants might be the last films FOX produces in their X-Men franchise before Disney takes charge , so there is a chance to perform well under pressure here.

Irrespective of the commercial viability of this ambitious story and the way FOX and team is rewriting it for the big screen for the second time , there are some silver lining still present over here. Lets admit ….there always is ! Here it’s the central character herself : Sophie Turner’s jean Grey. The latest set photos from the movie’s reshoots at Montreal showcases Sophie Turner in a Mo-Cap suit as she attempts to take down Jessica Chastain’s mysterious villain. For a while there was a buzz that she could be playing the Skrull queen , but still now the uncertainty is there.




As you can see Jessica’s villain is getting the upper hand here and it’s uncertain to where this might lead to. The Mo-Cap suit indicates that the final fight will be much different (and hopefully much bigger). Since this is a direct conflict , we can assume this to be the ultimate fight in the movie. Re shoots are often rumored to be used to fix a movie and in this case : it is sure to add some more action.

So what do you feel about the action sequence depicted above ? Let us know about it all in the comments section below and follow us for more superhero updates. 



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