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SDCC is alive and kicking again. We have already got a handfull of new info and trailers starting from the Titans trailer debut to Iron Fist season 2 trailer. The Aquaman trailer is also expected to drop tomorrow. In this pact field how can the comics stay behind. Following are the biggest reveals from the DC comics panel.


Geoff Johns  is back with Shazam

A long time ago Geoff Johns and Gary Frank teamed up to bring Shazam back to the DC Universe at the dawn of The New 52 and he ended up joining the Justice League. Now, we’re finally getting a monthly title for the character with Johns back on writing duties. These titles will be drawn by Dale Eaglesham. It is going to launch in November this year but unfortunately, no further details  have been revealed yet other than this cover, though, which looks like a light and funny affair with the rest of the Shazam family also making appearances. Take a look at the cover below-




Three jokers

 Geoff Johns’s “Darkseid War” storyline saw Batman gain access to Metron’s Mobius chair, thereby becoming a god. The answers to all the questions of the universe were at the Dark Knight’s fingertips, and he asked the chair one single question; who is the Joker? Batman was surprised to say the least by the chair’s response, but it wasn’t until Johns’s DC Universe: Rebirth  that the chair’s answer was revealed; there were actually three Jokers. Since then DC has basically sat on this development without doing anything about it. Finally Jeff Johns is ready to move forward with this which will be published under his new “Black Label” and will be set within the main DC universe.


According to Johns, the story won’t be focused on anything like “other dimensions or alternate earths or whatever.” Rather it will be a grounded story focusing on the Batman discovering and dealing with the shocking fact that there are three jokers. Three Jokers is  expected to release this winter. Supporting Johns’s panel, DC released the first cover. Have a look:




Grant Morrison and Green Lantern





In one of the most exciting news from Comic-Con this year, it was revealed that the legendary Grant Morrison is finally returning to the DC  for The Green Lantern. The comic series will revolve around Hal Jordan in his attempts to enforce the law in outer space. Morrison will be joined on the new series by artist Liam Sharp, whose work was most recently seen on Wonder Woman.  It’s been a while since Hal Jordan received the spotlight in a solo series so this title promises to be a must-buy when it launches in November.

So there you have it. These were the biggest reveals from the DC Comics panel. Stay tuned for more such details and keep following us for more exciting reveals from the San Diego Comic Con.


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