DC Comics’s TITAN hints at a teen titan villain2 min read

Another DC Comics’s TITAN character breakdown hints at a teen titan villain nut who can that be ? Be the judge !




Every DC fan has now their eyes fixed on the live action Titans which features the fan favorite Teen Titans on a live action medium for the first time. We have already found the actors/actress who will play the major characters in the series. We have previously heard rumors about Batman having cameo on  the show but we have no clue about what or who might be the threat. Now thanks to titanspodcast.com , we may have a hint on who it might it be : 


[EVAN LOGUE]: Male, Late 30s-40s, Caucasian. Charismatic. A cult leader attempting to reunite his family. Central role for series finale. RECURRING GUEST STAR. Please submit star/cameo names. Casting early for wardrobe but the role works Ep. 111 (04/09-04/19) and Ep. 112 (04/19 – 05/01)


It is more convenient , to believe that the protagonist hints towards the Demon King , Trigon ; especially when we consider the intimate relationship he holds with one of the major characters of the team , Raven. However I am keeping my options open and considering Brother Blood as an alternative. Its true that when Teagan Croft was cast as Raven, the official description for her character immediately teased her bond to Trigon as “the daughter of a demon,” saying she “is a powerful empath who must keep her emotions in check or risk unleashing her demonic side” . And in a way its soothing to believe that the demon king will be the threat to deal with but I think Trigon will be an expensive villain to introduce at the very first season. On the other hand ,  high priest to the a Trigon-worshiping cult Church  ( Church of Blood ) will be the perfect setup to the Trigon himself. What do you think ? Let us know in the comments section below.


Source – Titans Podcast


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