DC Films : Batman gets official release date as Ben Affleck finally passes the torch ; Zack Snyder to produce Suicide Squad 23 min read

With the Batman project finally meeting the studio’s greenlight with a final script in Matt Reeves’s hands , its finally time to come to terms with the fact. After years of controversies and rumors juggling around Ben Affleck and his conflict with his role of the iconic Dark Knight and his personal life problems, he has finally made it official. He is no longer the Batman as he passes the torch to a younger generation.

Deadline reported and Affleck retweeted the post confirming that the rumors are ultimately true and there might have been a long struggle between him and the wise hats at the Warner Brothers regarding the future of his character in the DC Films. The confirmation puts up the answer to a long unanswered question : Yes , adding an aged Batman for the sake of diversity into a shared universe in its initial world building stage was not a good decision. The studio is finally confident on going with a new and younger actor for the Dark Knight , leaving other worries behind.

Meanwhile , Zack Snyder who painted the canvas for DC Films with his darker set of colors has taken a backstage but not completely out of the picture.James Gunn , who was untimely executed out of Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe has found his new guardians in DC’s Task Force X aka Suicide Squad.

The 52 year old multi-talented film-maker is set to write and direct the sequel to David Ayer’s Suicide Squad released in 2016. The film being commercially successful should yield high expectations in the studio’s mind. Zack Snyder will be producing James Gunn’s Suicide Squad 2 (unnamed as for now). He surely can be of much help as he was for James Gunn for Aquaman. The sequel will see the prominent cast members of the like of Smith and Robbie reprise their role while a major new set of casting are being reported.

Batman is expected to have a release date of June 25, 2021 for now ; which is about 2.5 years away. Closely after is the Suicide Squad movie with an August 6, 2021 release date. DC Comics has also latched a new movie to be released into the DC Films named DC Super Pets with a target theatrical date of May 21 in the same year. It is clear that the success of Aquaman has forced the studio to re-look (and probably clean up) the DC Films ( or DCEU) and this is the first step to get their World’s Finest on track. As we remember Ben Affleck’s ferocious Dark Knight for the short period that he was so , it remains to be seen what would happen to our beloved Superman.

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