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The art of Mondo helps speak volumes about a movie. Ever imagined what it would look like if you could trace out a story out of those arts ? Well the most recent example you can draw is from the DCEU’s Mondo arts.It’s admirable how DC Universe sets up a character’s journey through its Mondo arts , especially for a character it revolves around , Superman ! Superman is the character most criticized in the DC Films but one thing is for sure : Snyder brought another side of Kal-El to us , a side more darker and confused , and in a way a bit more relatable to many.But when you add some edges to a character who has been the unparalleled mountain of hope and inspiration for decades and bring him down to our level you got to go the rough way.

“To err is human” and this is one attribute Clark seems to share with us but among all flaws he is just a guy to so some good and simultaneously trying to find the island his mother told him about.But there is a ton of layers between trying to do good and being able to do some. And among all those layers , the most vital one is experience. The lesser the experience , the more easier it is to corrupt a good person. Not to mention ,  the experience itself takes away the goodness as well a part of the soul for many.Sometimes people tend to overlook all this basic things while slamming poor Clark to bring deaths to many in Man of Steel who was then just struggling with a guy stronger and more experienced than him. Kal-El learns to be Clark at the end of the movie.

When you do some good to the society , you build 2 kinds of people , one who see the good in you and another who consider you and your act sanctimonious. Superman made a third kind , those who are affected by the consequences , and unfortunately the world’s greatest detective (However , the acts he considers/commits throughout the movie is suggestive of lesser of the man he had been in comics) became one of them. Now ,sacrifice is like a never ending journey , once you make one , you ought to keep being in the process , until you have nothing left in yourself except pain and anguish. If you consider this fact a scale , Batman and Superman stands on opposite sides of it. In midst of Lex’s evil plan, Superman ended the story by giving his final sacrifice for a world which he lost faith on at a point of time. He died for the reason he believed in or rather Jor-El wanted him to believe in.Now in a way , in a retrospect , it’s hard to not consider that Jonathan was always right .

From a Superman trying to find his place in the world to a Superman lost in it to a Superman finally finding his place in this earth. And that is among the people who share his sense of heroism…Snyder completes the character trilogy and hence presents us the final build of the character. I have not seen the movie yet , but if you had to lay an intelligent guess from the trailers , you would know where’s it headed. And how Superman’s character will emerge by the end of the movie.For a character infamous for stagnant character progress , his character has progressed a lot , just a bit unconventionally !

Now I agree I am more of a optimist fan but I have my own share of issues. Those issues stick more about the universe and Batman rather than the Man of Steel. But since this post is only about Superman I will only talk about him.Among several other problems , one would be Clark Kent. He is an important aesthetic of Superman which determines among many things why an alien from another planet is so full of compassion and love. He is the mask Superman uses to blend in with us , to reflect his inner character and why deep down he is just a farmer from Kansas.I was hurt that they right off killed that character.I am also seriously worried about if he is going to come back with Superman.As an optimist , I can’t help feel any less excited how it will be like when Superman returns and what will they do with Clark Kent.

Tell us what do you think of Superman as a character in DC Films and where do you expect to see him at the end of Justice League ? Also let us know whether Mondo arts connect with you better as an inner reflection into the character or the movie itself ?

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