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Deadpool is infamous for dropping F-bombs and having an ugly mouth. But there is one more thing that makes the merc with a mouth unique : his pop cultural references which breaks the fourth wall. Ever since we have seen Ryan Reynolds’s incarnation of Deadpool , he has seen making cross pop cultural references. From his previous work at DC to the upcoming movies in the comic book movies : nothing gets left out.

And as expected , movie audiences love this references more than ever. With the sequel attempting to surpass Deadpool in every way possible , why should this certain attribute of the anti-hero be left out ? We have already seen Wade Wilson making dozens of pop cultural references while he goes out to make the X-Force. This time it’s on DC. 



When it comes to DC , there is one movie which gets the focus of humorous debates and memes : Batman v Superman. Zack Snyder’s ambitious dream to flesh out the DC universe to the audience after Man of Steel was unfortunately not well received by many. The most controversial scene which has been the source of memes since the theatrical release of the movie is the Martha scene. When Batman learns that Superman’s name is Martha too , a sudden rush of nostalgic memories drown him and he starts helping Superman. 

While there is a dozen of videos and guides from the fans online which help the audience dive a bit deeper into the context , the scene has been deemed as one of the most humorous and stupid exchanges in modern comic book movies. Deadpool takes a dab at that moment when he comes home to face Vanessa after a hard day at work. “I was fighting a caped bad-ass, but then I discovered his mom is named Martha too” , chimes Wade Wilson. Obviously you know what this refers to.

Have a look at the clip below :



In case you are wondering , Deadpool reviews are out and they are fairly positive. The critics has admired the heartful humor in the sequel declaring that you would love this movie , if you loved the previous one. Deadpool 2 is looking onto an example of an whopping amount of $783.1 M gross Deadpool left behind. Being a R-Rated comic book movie for a new superhero , the feat is incredible. Previous estimates indicate towards the sequel opening to an weekend value of around $150 M. 

With substantial legs and multipliers in the following weekends , Deadpool 2 can aim towards surpassing its previous installment. Let us know what you thought of the clip in the comments section down below and follow us for more superhero updates.



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