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When Deadpool 2 moved forward its date to May 18th and soon enough Avengers : Infinity War shifted a week forward , people thought one to be the reaction of another. However when rumors floated afloat about poor test reviews , people were quick to assume that this was another failed franchise of 20th Century FOX’s Marvel expedition.

But the first reactions of the sequel of the highest grossing R-rated movie says otherwise. Most of the reviews praised the sequel appreciating its full-blown humor ; some even praising it above the first one. Now that is some serious compliment. It is to be noted : R-Rated grosses are to be considered highly than regular ones. They have less screens , much lesser audience than PG-13 and tickets are generally lower priced in some of the international markets.

Have a look at the reviews : 















As you can see , all the reviews are positive admiring the smart jokes , Josh Brolin’s Cable and the post credit scene. An excellent Deadpool sequel can at this point in time , surely hamper the journey of Avengers : Infinity War from attaining its maximum gross.

While first social reactions are never a good judgement of a film , you can expect the review embargo to lift on Monday. By then you should have a clearer idea of what the sequel is actually be like. With the first movie earning an unprecedented $783.1 million, the sequel can look forward to an even bigger gross. The market is comparatively less crowded in May and early June which will give the corridor for the R-Rated action flick to quickly step up the ladder.

Till then , let us know whether you have booked tickets for Deadpool 2 and eagerly waiting for it in the comments section below. And follow us for more superhero updates.


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