The Deadpool 2 trailer is coming this Valentine’s Day !2 min read

The first Deadpool trailer is reported to come this Valentine’s day.




This is not intended to be funny , but those who saw Deadpool on Valentine’s Day , will never forget the year of their life. Without diving into the situation must , lets just settle on the fact that the day was a popular marketing campaign of the debut of the ‘merc with a mouth’. And FOX is not settling down. Looks like they are adapting a similar campaign for the promotion of Deadpool’s sequel. According to an exclusive report by Collider ,the first official trailer for Deadpool 2 will be playing in theaters attached to Marvel Studios’ Black Panther, which hits theaters on February 16th. Additionaly , Collider also claims FOX to release the trailer to bve released online on the exact Valentine’s day of 2018.

While FOX have previously kick-started their unique Deadpool marketing campaign with their unique Norman Rockwell-inspired poster and Bob Ross-infused teaser video, this is something to look forward to. The Deadpool movie made an incredible debut of about 783.1 million dollars. That in itself led to an incredible fan following to the character’s sequel. Black Panther hits theatres February 16th while Deadpool 2 hits theatres May 16th. Let us know what you thought of the update  along with the fact of whether are you looking forward to the sequel , in the comments section below. And follow us for more Deadpool 2 updates. 


Source – Collider


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