Does Tony really need to die in Avengers 4 and if so , is Morgan Stark the new Iron Man ?5 min read


Let’s not beat around the bush. The answer is a simple yes. My answer is a purely deductive one. Tony is at the end of the road and is quite worse than being dead after Avengers : Infinity War. He knew it was coming and could do nothing when it did. All those heavy preparations he made that made the Mad Titan bleed was not a symbol of excellence but also a reminder of how much firepower he packs in himself.

Why ? To quote the legend himself , for “the monster in the closet”. Now that might not be as careless a thing inside his head as he put out to Pepper.Let’s just admit that after Civil War , something in him broke. And he chose to shut himself down to Pepper and preparing for something he knew was inevitable. All the new gadgets are the work of his working hard day and night to prepare for the worse. His inability to do so proves no less of him but makes him humane and relatable like Captain America. No way was he supposed to stop Thanos anyway.

The picture below is an early Infinity War concept art puts more context in everything I just told you.



So one may naturally ask what’s the harm in letting Iron Man live and guide the new generations to excellence ? Well they can but I like to think that every good story needs to have a good ending , in its own way. And Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man deserves one too. I mean , look at the Simpsons ! What it used to be and what it is now ?

Your attraction towards a character fade with time and it is impossible to keep on going with great quality stories throughout. At a point of time , you have to let go. And I think this might be it.

Now , obviously you can expect a great overall arc of how this concludes and it is sure to be an epic one. Obviously not like Logan (heart tears apart again). But how to continue the legacy of the one who started it all ?



Needless to be said , along with Captain America , Iron Man will have a huge significance in the untitled sequel. A few days ago it was confirmed that Avengers 4 will take a time jump and the universe will have accepted the fate what Thanos chose to bestow upon it. Maybe we will get to see a good few starting minutes of consequences.

But what’s interesting is that Gwyneth Paltrow seemingly confirmed that the couple had a baby and whatever the two were discussing at the starting of Avengers : Infinity War was indeed true. I have stated time and again that the scene at the park where they are both having a casual discussion is more important than it seems.

The both will have a child and they should name them Morgan , who was in fact Tony’s cousin in the comics. Now Morgan Stark here could be the perfect one to pass the Iron Man mantle to. He should have the brains in the gene and motivation and inspiration enough for what his father has done throughout in MCU and will do in Avengers 4. And in a way that will be the perfect way of further exploiting Tony’s legacy without actually keeping him in the picture.


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Robert Downey’s Tony Stark might be flawed but is most certainly the most popular superhero in town , which is kind of surprising since the character he is playing is Iron Man.  The celebration of the character for a decade by RDJ is why we are having this discussion of course.

Now , leaked photos already has teased a time jump and sees an older Tony among a young team of Avengers.  Things could get crucially intriguing as Tony finds out why did actually Strange chose his life over a trillion others. The end game , teased can be incredibly horrifying and demanding but should see Tony emerge a hero as he truly is.

He might be the only one between resetting the events and what resides now after Avengers : Infinity War. And his end game might be the last act of the great Tony Stark which will define the future MCU from now on.





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