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Vision is an integral part of the Avengers , much of that is due to the mind stone embedded in the head of the vibranium based android body which may or may not be to taken off by Thanos in order to complete his Infinity quest but today we don’t talk about that. Today we will talk about the romantic life of Wanda and Vision in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and where does the love take them to , during Avengers : Infinity War and its untitled sequel Avengers 4.

Vision and Scarlett Witch , both powered by the mind stone are the most deadly forces of the Avengers apart from Thor and Hulk.Needless to say , in the comics , their power levels were substantially higher. But the romance between the two is a fascinating tale. Avengers : Infinity War will try to humanize upon the little romance that is growing between two , while emphasizing on the fact that Captain America : Civil War teased.

It was my favorite arc, thus far, playing the Scarlet Witch. It was really nice to get to work with Paul and it was really nice to explore this dynamic of a relationship before utter chaos. It adds a more human stake, element, because it’s hard to just have the stakes of saving the universe. It’s a lot more tangible to have the stakes of trying to be with a partner,” Olsen reflected upon the relationship from her own point of view , in an interview with Hey U Guys.



Bettany had something similar of a opinion. “I think it’s a nice way in for an audience. Not many people have been a Norse God, but a lot of people have fallen in love, you know what I mean? So I think it’s a nice way in, a human way in, with a witch and an artificial [being] ,” the actor said. Both of the heroes have been quite intimate in the comic books and have even went on to even have children.

Vision always had the urge to have human emotions and experience humanity as a whole. But how to ground the couple in a way where people might feel it to be relatable? What about the physical constraints in this relationship? You can see in the video below that the interview couldn’t help asking the same question. However Paul Bettany was witty enough in answering it by simply saying , “Vision has the ability to change his density so you figure that out for yourself.”



 People have not hesitated to ask Elizabeth Olsen of the prospect of a solo standalone film of the character , much like Black Widow. But Olsen hadn’t opened up the widow for a lot of fan speculation. In this interview , she ponders upon the same stating that it’s all up to the fans and if they want to see a movie focused only on the character. 

If the Disney-FOX deal goes through , Scarlett Witch can be the interlinking between the mutants and the World’s finest – She being the daughter of a certain Magneto. But it’s better to keep all those fan speculation for check right now as the immediate thing to watch out for is Avengers : Infinity War. It will see Thanos getting out by himself to complete his Infinity Gauntlet and it will in a way change the current run of the MCU. Let us know what you thought of the comments and how you percieve the relationship in the comments section below and keep following us for more superhero updates.


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