We are primarily , a fan infotainment platform but stick to all standard journalism ethics as delivering updates is a part of the content we deliver . Here is a set of standard protocols considers sticking to while delivering news :

*We seek reliable sources for our news. In case of a popular rumor , we always address it as such.We give special attention to draw a difference between news and rumors in order to prevent fake news of rolling out from our site. We allow users to contribute on every field except news for the same reason.

*As human beings or/and secondary sources , we cannot always guarantee ‘truth’, but we always try to cross-check our facts.When we cannot corroborate information we say so.

*We concern ourselves with news only deeply connected with comic books or superheroes.

*We prefer authenticity to speed.Thus in all honesty , is not a place for receiving news the second it breaks out. But users can expect a more-than-decent delivery interval. However , when it comes to popular trailers , we post it on our site the moment it appears online on an official order. 

*We never plagiarize. Primary sources wherever necessary are provided.

*Like Spoilers , we use the headline itself to warn you about rumors, thus enabling an option for you : to choose to read the article or not.If you still feel that a false news was posted which might bring demeanor to a person or an organization you love or care about , please contact us . We promise you we will treat a genuine request as such.

*Events with a single eyewitness are reported with attribution. Events with two or more independent eyewitnesses may be reported as fact. Controversial facts are reported with attribution.

*In case of errors , corrections are published as soon as discovered.

* We don’t deal with the private life (and its concerned activities) of the celebrities unless it’s substantially connected with the role they are playing in a comic-book/superhero movie.

* Pursuit of the news is not a license for arrogance. And we abide by that. 


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