A fan with a 500$ system did a better job in removing Cavill’s stache than WB1 min read

A fan made an effort to remove Henry Cavill’s stache from various footage. The result is both disappointing and admirable.



Justice League was a failure from both critical and commercial aspects. While that is devastating in its own sense , one of the most disappointing was from the VFX team.

Henry Cavill who plays Superman in the DC Cinematic Universe was committed to Paramount Pictures for Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible : Fallout. As a result Cavill was not able to shave his mustache for the Justice League re shoots. This in turn forced the VFX team to render the English actor’s face during the post production.

While the result was devastating , it was also a shocker as to how could a studio use such an inferior quality CGI in a $300+ M project.

While there have been reports of the studio anticipating the movie to fail from a long time ago , a recent fan video continues to prove the studio’s lack of seriousness for the DC epic.

The fan video does a phenomenal job in removing the stache with a 500$ system. While this is incredibly shameful , it is to be reconsidered again that what exactly happened at the house of WB , after Zack Snyder left. Here is the video for your consideration :



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