Fan decodes message on Zack Snyder’s post ; teases “Killer Darkseid”2 min read


Justice league is a topic of debate even after its first anniversary. The movie , misled under the pressure of multiple direction and Hollywood studio politics. Zack had been away from the project after his daughter’s sad demise with Josh taking the charge. Well , the result didn’t quite was as most of us expected. 

The DC Films saw a new category of failure in the box office after Justice League and left many fans wanting for the original film edit aka “The Snyder Cut”. #ReleasetheSnyderCut has been one of the infamously notorious hashtags to ever crawl on the web over the last year. While not haven seen the film , the 52 year old film-maker keeps sharing his secret share of insight from his fandom towards the character. 

One such was a picture of Darkseid with a text written on it , which ultimately didn’t make it to the film. The studio was adamant on not showing or teasing Darkseid in the film – a part of which might have been this picture as well. But now a fan has came out to confirm that the text is written in Greek “ΣΚΟΤΟΗΔΗΣ ΔΑΡΚΣΕΙΔΟΣ.”

The Reddit user deciphered it as being pronounced to be “Skotoithis Tharkseithos,” which in English translates to “Killer” and “Darkseid.”  Have a look : 


NEWS: "NEWS" I just realised that the words in this picture are written in Ancient Greek so, as a Greek, I can understand them. It says ΣΚΟΤΟΗΔΗΣ ΔΑΡΚΣΕΙΔΟΣ which is pronounced "Skotoithis Tharkseithos". The first word means Killer and the other one obviously Darkseid from DC_Cinematic


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