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Heroes from both worlds , DC and Marvel join hands to fight an enemy bigger than life. Check out this awesome video by Ultra Sargent !


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If you follow Ultra Sargent on YouTube you know he makes some really cool fan edits. But not everyday you come across a Marvel/DC Crossover which thrives on a linear story. And I am a being fan of plot driven elements. Thus I had to share this video. The story trailer sees heroes from both worlds DC and Marvel join hands to face a threat bigger than life , Doctor Manhattan. And the setting is done beautifully in terms of precise editing and apt after effects wherever necessary. Lets go through the synopsis once before we see the video :

While experimenting with the Tesseract, Bruce Wayne accidentally causes a chain of events which fuses the Marvel & DC Earths. Now combined, the worlds learn to live together peacefully. Or so they think.The future. A dark, desolate world. With such a growing number of super-powered people existing, the Governments of the world decide to initiate the Vigilante Registration Act and attempt to round up all mutants & meta humans. 
The world descends into disarray. Heroes are forced to take sides – each having conflicting beliefs. Some believe powerful individuals need to be put in check, while others feel they should be given the freedom they deserve. 
Professor X seeks out Barry Allen, to travel backwards in time to stop the Vigilante Registration Act being passed and prevent the events that lead to the abominable future. However, unbeknown to them, a deeper threat lurks in the shadows .




The video is not only solid in its story-telling but also leaves way for something more to explore. As always , let us know what you think of the fan video in the comments section below. If you like it , also check out Ultra Sargent’s channel. A reminder , we have a fan creativity platform where you can upload anything you like ….a story , a piece of art , some wisdom article or a video. Just with a free and simple registration.

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