First Hellboy trailer is all about jokes and CGI monster fights2 min read

After being leaked online , the first trailer to Neil Marshall’s Hellboy featuring David Harbour as the iconic comic book character starring is now finally online. This serves as a reboot to Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy franchise featuring Ron Pearlman . However , though the trailer has its moments , comic book followers might feel a little bit dissapointed.

The trailer is filled with corny and outlandish jokesI am not complaining , we get Big Red’s right hand of doom in action , but the monsters he is fighting looks like a big CGI fest. While there is a lot of time to correct the imperfections , it is worthy to note that whether the funny and goofy tone in the trailer is the overall tone in the movie.

Have a look at the trailer :

Hellboy is a half-demon from Hell who was summoned to Earth as a baby by Nazi occultists and raised by a surrogate human father, Professor Trevor Bruttenholm. He’s the head of the US Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (B.P.R.D.) The adult Hellboy is basically a big red devil with cloven hooves, a tail, filed-off horns, and the Right Hand of Doom (made of stone).

While there is decent acting in parts of the entire cast , David Harbour’s Hellboy looks really impressive. Let us know what you think of the latest trailer and what other things do you expect to be in the movie that was not shown in the trailer , in the comments section below,.And Follow us for more superhero contents.

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