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“Cinema is the ultimate pervert art. It doesn't give you what you desire - it tells you how to desire.”
Slavoj Žižek
sociologist, philosopher, and cultural critic

Back in 2013 , when Man of Steel was released , no one realized it will be the initiation to so much big. This is the place for all DC fans throughout the world to come and discuss about anything they want about the universe.

It will be 18 films in and a decade of excellence delivered when Infinity War hits…uncountable moments , infinite joy and a plethora of character discussions and moments to cherish ! Are you a fan ,and want something in mind ? Well then , pal , what are you waiting for ?

Before the comic book era , before everything, FOX released X-Men , a franchise which we didn’t just love , but grew up with. Not to mention , it gave us characters a lot of us grew up with. Though Logan brutally took away the two most outstanding things from us , there’s a dozen more to be excited about ! This is specifically in honor for X-Men/Fantastic Four/Deadpool fans.

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